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What to Watch: Monday

by Robbie Gillies

7pm ET - ESPN – MLB: Red Sox @ Yankees - The Red Sox visit the new Yankee Stadium for the first time.

7pm - Versus – NHL Playoffs, Game 2: Penguins @ Capitals - If you're thinking about picking-up hockey, this is the series to start with.

8pm - TNT – NBA Playoffs, Game 1: Magic @ Celtics - The big question is how will the Celtics cover Dwight Howard. They don't have anyone nearly as big and strong as Howard, but they have heart! How far will that take them? Well, it DID help them beat a 7-seed that finished .500 during the regular season...

10:30pm - TNT – NBA Playoffs, Game 1: Rockets @ Lakers - Artest and Kobe will be fun to watch, but what will determine this series is the play of the bigs. Can Bynum and Gasol outplay Yao Ming?

Non-sports pick - 8pm - Discovery Channel - MythBusters - YouTube special! I hope they answer the mystery of whether hamsters actually eat popcorn on pianos.

Yeah that was just my excuse to post that clip.