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19-Year-Old's Exhaustive Preparation for US Open

by Robbie Gillies
At just 19 years old, David Erdy is the youngest in the 156-man field at the US Open. He has had a meteoric rise in the past few years, from not making it past sectionals during his sophomore year in the state tournament to finishing 12th his senior year, to now attending the US Open. Erdy was an alternate after just missing qualifying for the Open last week, but got the call Monday morning that he was in after an injury to a member of the field.

Erdy has never played at Bethpage Black, but don’t worry, he’s prepared. From the Indianapolis Star:

"I played Tiger Woods' video game a couple of times the other day and that helped," said Erdy, who was scheduled to play practice rounds Tuesday and today. "The video game just helps me get a visual image in my head of what different holes look like, and just helps me mentally in that way."
You think I can convince people I’m playing Madden ’09 because I’m going to try out for the NFL? And if this story wasn’t good enough with him being the youngest player and preparing by playing a video game, his Dad is going to be his caddy. I expect Zac Efron to be starring in this movie in about six months.

No joke: This kid is in - Indy Star