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Emmitt Smith More Idiot Than Pro Bowler

by Jeff Briggs

Emmitt's an idiot - or so says the internet. Thanks to the public domain that is Wikipedia, people can edit entries as they see fit, which leads us to the 1990 NFL Draft. Take a look at the Wikipedia page for that draft. Pay special attention to Emmitt Smith's name. If you can't go to Wikipedia, are too lazy to, or someone took down the alteration, here it is (click for a larger image):


Yes, rather than noted as a Pro Bowler, Emmitt is highlighted as an idiot. And the best part, there is a footnote:

^ Players are identified as idiots if they become commentators and lack the ability to speak the language they are meant to commentate in.

And I think we all know why

Thanks to reader Ric for the tip.