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Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History

by Ryan Hudson

Putting on pants, walking up stairs, and leaving your mother’s basement can be a fun, and terrifying, experience – and it is what sports blogs are going through right now.

Sports blogs are more popular than ever, more numerous than ever, and more influential than ever before. Just ask Jerod Morris or Raul Ibanez. Or perhaps even better, ask anyone who attended Blogs With Balls 1.0 over the weekend in New York City, an event described as “the world’s largest sports blogger and new media gathering.” Sports bloggers both big and small were there, as were members of the more mainstream media, and everyone gathered for smart and thoughtful conversation and discussion.

While the long-term effect of Blogs With Balls is still unknown, the immediate effect was clear: the importance and legitimacy of sports blogs is very real, and is only getting bigger as the line between them and more established media continues to disappear.

This is a movement, though, that has already begun. The Top 10 Moments in Sports Blog History is really only the beginning; there are surely more still to come.