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Chip Caray Has One Of Baseball's Worst Calls Ever

by Ryan Hudson

For reasons unknown, Chip Caray is calling the pivotal, super-important Tigers-Twins tiebreaker game to decide the AL Central tonight. To say he's doing a poor job would be an understatement, but he reached a particular level of embarassment in the bottom of the 10th inning.

With the score tied at five, one out, and runners at first and third, Nick Punto stepped to the plate. The second baseman hit a hard line-drive at the Tigers right fielder, Ryan Raburn, who made the catch and then threw out the Tigers' Alexi Casilla at home when he tried to score from third. It was a very dramatic line-out, with the possibility of a sacrifice fly. Here's how TBS' Chip Caray called it:

"Line drive BASE HIT, caught out there."
Yes, he screamed "base hit" when the ball was clearly a routine line-out. Fortunately, Matt Sussman was quick with some handy Photoshop work.

Oh, and Ron Darling has been just as insufferable.