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Pay Homage to Gamblor - Week 7

by Jeff Briggs

Last week, the awfulest of the awful teams fought back. The Rams, Browns, Raiders, and Chiefs all covered their spreads. Granted, the Rams were playing the also awful Jags, and the Chiefs the train wreck that is the Washington Redskins, but still, the days of automatically betting against these four teams may be over. OR, Vegas is going to adjust and stop moving lines higher and higher when these teams are involved. I hope they choose the second option. We will examine at the end of the picks.

With another 8-6 week I remain just above .500 on the season. Granted, unlike some other pick sets, it’s not 66%, but it also didn’t go 4-10 last week.

Last week: 8-6
Season: 47-43
Lock of the week: 5-1

Home team in CAPS

Chargers (-5) over CHIEFS
When everyone starts questioning the Chargers and starts wondering if they have what it takes they get a cupcake thrown at them. San Diego will absolutely dismantle the Chiefs.

Colts (-13.5) over RAMS
Colts by less than two touchdowns over the Rams? Yes please. I’d take the Colts favored by as much as 24 before I blinked.

BENGALS (-1) over Bears
Cedric Benson’s revenge! Or, will the Bears actually be the ones looking for revenge on Benson for underperforming during his time in Chicago?

Packers (-7.5) over BROWNS
A dozen Browns came down with the flu this week. Unfortunately for them, Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, and Eric Mangini are still healthy.

Vikings (+4.5) over STEELERS
I do think the Steelers will win, but I also thought the Vikings would lose to the Packers and Ravens; anything over 3-points is just too high for this game.

Patriots (-14.5) over Buccaneers
This game is in merry ole Londontown. I favor the quarterback who can hurl the ball best pasts the wicket keeper; he also happens to look quite dashing to the lady folk and floats my boat, eh gov’nor?

TEXANS (-3) over 49ers
What’s the opposite of a lock? Whatever that thing happens to be, this game is getting that title slapped on it. For now it’s the KCOL of the week.

Jets (-6.5) over RAIDERS
I know, the Raiders manage to win a game last week and the Jets have lost three straight. After their last win, they lost 23-3 at home and managed only 137 total yards. Don’t get fooled by what happened to either of these teams last week. The Jets will have this game wrapped up by halftime. LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Bills (+7) over PANTHERS
The Panthers will move up to 3-3. This is me re-reminding you that they still aren’t very good and won’t be in the playoffs or close to them.

Saints (-6.5) over DOLPHINS
The Wildcat versus the Saints aerial spread attack; if nothing else this game should be exciting.

Falcons (+4) over COWBOYS
Somehow the Cowboys garnered a lot of respect over their bye week. They are still an incredibly flawed football team who will lose to a team that is better than them across the board.

GIANTS (-7) over Cardinals
The Cardinals seem set on being as inconsistent as possible this season. Also, they are undefeated on the road thus far (2-0). Before that becomes a trend, they will get crushed in the Meadowlands.

Eagles (-7) over REDSKINS
The Eagles are the first team in three years to fail to score a touchdown against Oakland. Yet they are still a 7-point favorite this week and they seem like a lock with that line. Shows you just how bad the Redskins are right now. Somehow this line has moved a half a point in the Redskins favor since it opened. How is that possible? People think the team with a new O-coordinator who is not familiar with the team terminology is the hot bet? It’ll be interesting to see what happens in Washington over the bye week after they likely embarrass themselves at home again.

YAY, Vegas chose the second option. In doing so they've helped to create the greatest 6-point teaser bet in the history of man. Take the Chargers, Jets, and Eagles together and all that needs to happen is each one of them needs to beat a suckbucket, albeit on the road.