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Why Phillies Fans (and Likely All Fans in General) are Intolerable

by Jeff Briggs

I’ve lived in Philly for the past 2+ years, so maybe it’s just because of proximity, but Philly fans are insufferable. When they were losing it was constant negativity. Then they won one World Series and fans appropriately celebrated. I understand how sweet the taste of victory must be after so many years of defeat, but with success in this postseason they are getting worse. It’s clear that if the Phillies win the World Series again their fans are going to become unbearable.

I mean, they already went out and partied in the streets after winning the NLCS (which in itself brings up another question, of why people were partying so hard in the streets after just winning the pennant). If the Phils win the World Series the number of people yelling "Phillies #1!!!! J Roll!!!! Wooo!" is going to drive me crazy. Maybe I just hate sports fans and people in general, but I don’t get the common reaction after a championship. I understand maybe partying in the streets a little bit, but I don't understand the need to climb traffic lights. You know what I'll do if one of my teams wins their respective championship? Maybe yell, “YES” and then be done with it. After that I will drink some victory beers and be happy for anywhere from a week to a month.

The common reaction to such a sentiment, and it is one Philadelphia fans love to have all the time when talking to other sports fans, is “we have more passion and care more than other fans.” Sorry, no, that’s not true. It's because you are looking for any excuse to act like jackasses. And after they win the World Series (if they do), Philly fans are going to be just as pompous as Boston fans and New York fans were before them.