200 Miles From the Citi

September 17, 2009 4:01 AM


Other than, "Don't fumble the ball inside your own 25 on the kickoff after a Patriots touchdown that seemed to give them a tiny bit of life late in the fourth quarter", I'm not sure the Jets could learn anything about the Patriots from Monday night's game. I mean, that had to be the Patriots looking past the Bills and getting caught in a Week 1 trap game, right? They can't possibly be as bad as they looked for the first 45 of the 60-minute game, could they? Let's go with a Point/Counterpoint to figure things out:

POINT: The Jets looked great in their win against Houston, and the Patriots looked terrible, barely getting by Buffalo. Gotta be a win for the Jets in Week 2, no?
COUNTERPOINT: I don't believe the Patriots will come out and play that flat two weeks in a row until I see it happen. I can't believe their coaching staff would let that happen.

POINT: Tom Brady looked like he was sleepwalking the entire game. He has to be hurt or his head is cloudy as he gets ready to leave his newly impregnated wife, right?
COUNTERPOINT: He was 39-53, 378 yards, 2 TD and he sure didn't look hurt in the final 5 minutes. Then again, though, another un-Brady move was blowing off the post-game maybe he's not himself.

POINT: The Patriots played that game against Buffalo looking like the end of their 2007 season team, when they would luck into wins and barely scrape by opponents, leaving them ripe for the beating in any of those weeks.
COUNTERPOINT: You mean the year they won 16 regular season games and 2 playoff games before finally losing? That didn't really seem to catch up to them when they beat the Jets twice.

POINT: The Jets finally seem to have the type of team that can give Tom Brady fits and actually get in his face.
COUNTERPOINT: Yes, actually they do. I wonder how Brady will react to actually getting hit. But let's remember these are the Patriots and not the Texans...will the Jets defense from Week 1 look the same in Week 2 against New England?

POINT: I think the Jets have it in them to beat New England at home. Jets 30, Patriots 20
COUNTERPOINT: You're nuts. Patriots 31, Jets 10

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