200 Miles From the Citi

September 7, 2009 4:01 AM


Like everyone else, I like to try my hand at the ol' NFL predictions, so here they are.

Warning: I don't know any more than you do.

A couple of clarifications:

-I would give these picks, especially the extremes (15-1 and 1-15, for example) a +/- 2 margin of error.

-Based on what I'm seeing elsewhere, I may have put too much stock in the Tennessee Titans, and too little stock in the New York Giants. But I don't get the love for the Giants - what makes them any different today than the team that fell apart at the end of last season? I'll stay with what I have.

-In the AFC North, it's not so much that I believe a tremendous amount in the Steelers and the Ravens, it's more that they have an easy schedule and the other two teams in that division are pretty bad.

-Tampa Bay is another one that I'm not feeling so great about my pick with...but who knows. It's the NFL...they probably will be terrible.

-I'm a bit surprised at how highly regarded the Houston Texans are in these pre-season publications. What am I missing there?

-Arizona might not be as good as I picked them to be, but I definitely don't think they'll fare as poorly as past Super Bowl losers. I definitely think they're the best team in their division, hands-down. I don't expect a Super Bowl run, but I do expect a division title.

-You'll notice I played it conservatively with the Jets. Still, I ended up with 9-7. They do have a tougher schedule this year, so it was easier to not pick them every week...but it was still a struggle. I was happy to read this week's Sports Illustrated, though, and the 'Point After' section, where Phil Taylor writes about unsuccessful predictions...and the chances of the Jets winning the Super Bowl. I'll gladly let him make the prediction instead of me if it helps the karma.

Tomorrow I'll play out my playoffs for you.

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