200 Miles From the Citi

October 16, 2009 4:01 AM


There are all sorts of Jets seasons I could throw at you as evidence that I've been through this type of thing before.

A hot start followed by a disappointing collapse.

The Jets have written that book through the years...and I've devoured it cover-to-cover.

But 2009 seems different.

I've mentioned this before - I go into every new season optimistic. So those other years were extra disappointing to me when I went in thinking good things, had my expectations met, then exceeded, then shot down.

This season, I went in with my enthusiasm tempered. I accepted that it was a year of adjustment, with a rookie quarterback and a rookie head coach and coming off a lackluster year a year ago.

Then they earned my enthusiasm...they earned my optimism...starting out the year 3-0, then losing a tough game at New Orleans.

Like so many of these similar seasons of the past, this year might have taken a sharp turn towards disaster against the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football (my brain has just recovered enough from the late night to reason this all out, incidentally).

But still, I get the feeling that 2009 is different.

Sunday brings the Buffalo Bills to town...and they are a disaster. They couldn't score against Cleveland, which by all rights should not have won a game this season. They got blown out by the same Miami Dolphins the Jets came within seven seconds of beating...or at least going to OT with. They are in a bad spot right now.

The old Jets...they lose this game in disappointing fashion.

The 2009 Jets - they should win this game, if they show the same kind of aggressive play they opened the season with.

And then the Jets are sitting at 4-2 with some winnable games to be played. Things could be looking up...

But, again, I'm cautious.

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