200 Miles From the Citi

November 16, 2009 7:04 AM


Jones_Drew.JPGThanks to the Jets for redirecting my mind, which wandered a bit during the bye week.

I actually let it wander to the point where I convinced myself that with a surprise win here and an upset there, this could be a playoff team.

It continued even into their game with a less-than-average Jacksonville Jaguars team, when CBS showed their playoff positioning graphic.

As a result of Sunday afternoon, though, I know I will not need to book any flights to the Super Bowl...this is not a playoff team.  (Note to CBS - neither are the Jaguars.)

It's amazing that a team can be this close - other than the 14-point loss to New Orleans (which for much of the game was close), the Jets have lost all of their other games on the last possession.  I guess that's the one positive looking ahead to next year.

But there were too many mistakes - an interception on the first play of the game, another interception where Mark Sanchez threw right into the arms of a defensive lineman, a Braylon Edwards fumble on a big gain, a dropped 2-point conversion by Edwards, and perhaps most egregiously, letting the one guy on the Jaguars who was capable of beating you beat you.

No offense to David Garrard, who I've loved in every feature story I've seen done on him (before he goes out and plays a terrible game), but Maurice Jones-Drew is the entire Jaguars offense...and the Jets let him run all over them.

Simply put, the Jets played a sloppy game - missing tackles, turning the ball over - and that's pretty inexcusable coming off the bye week.

Yes, the CBS graphic was telling - the loser of Sunday's game is not going to make the playoffs.  But the action on the field was more telling - neither team is a playoff team.

The good news is - next year the Jaguars still won't be a playoff team.  But the Jets are headed in the right direction.

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