200 Miles From the Citi

November 10, 2009 12:20 AM


The New York Giants are following the wrong trajectory.  I should know - I'm a Jets fan.  (I made the graph below myself - consider the left hand side "games above .500.  Giants are blue, Jets green.)


Giant_Tra_Jet_ory.JPGThe ol' start the season guns-a-blazin' then drop like a stone strategy doesn't equal success....if you extend that graph out, it pretty much equals a .500 season.  (Trust me.)

The Giants have the bye week to wonder "How did we end up here?"

The answer is eerily similar to how the Jets got to where they are.

It started with a loss to the Saints, ending the undefeated run to start the season.  (The Giants at 5-0, the Jets at 3-0.)

The Giants lost their next game by a touchdown to Arizona in prime time - the Jets lost their second on Monday night to Miami on a last-second score.  An embarrassing division loss followed that for each team's third loss (the Jets a 5-interception nightmare to Buffalo, the Giants a blowout to Philadelphia).  The fourth loss for the Giants was a late squeaker to the Chargers, as the Jets was a hard-luck loss to the Dolphins (coming after a bounceback win).

What does that tell you?

If you're being compared to the Jets, it tells you that your team is closer to being a .500 team than a Super Bowl contender.

*The opposite end of the spectrum are the Saints, who despite occasional struggles keep finding ways to win.  I'm putting the Bengals in the category of "for real" for the rest of the season as well, FYI.

*Who's not "for real"?  Well, despite their hot start, I'm still not sold on Denver.  And please hold out the jury on the Vikings until Brett Favre gets past the part of the season where he faded with the Jets last year...right about now.  Minnesota's almost a lock to make the post-season at this point (weren't the Jets last year?), but I don't think they'll go far.

*My bye week is over.  Back to talking Jets football this week.

**I'm still accepting any and all suggestions for how you think I should spend my TV time.

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