200 Miles From the Citi

November 12, 2009 12:01 AM


The following is a Public Service Announcement.

It is not for those of you who sit by the computer waiting for football injury news so that you can pick up the flex player who will get the most playing time in the coming week.  Or those of you who scour the waiver wires looking for the best bet in the week ahead...or even two weeks down the road.

It's for people like me, who pop into their league on Saturday to make sure no one is on a bye.

NFL_Network.JPGIt's not for those of you who have a plan and a solid strategy for picking NFL games against the spread (or otherwise).

It's for those of you, like me, who think they know it all when they sit down to pick the games on Saturday morning, only to watch them all go the other way on Sunday.

It's for the people who just haven't been paying such close attention to the schedule.

Thursday Night Football is back.

It kicks off tonight with the 49ers and the Bears on the NFL Network.  We've already established that it means I'll have something to watch, which is good enough for me.

But it also means you had better check the rules of your local pool to make sure you can edit picks after the first game of the week kicks off.

And, most importantly, it means we're deep enough into November that this is happening's the second half of the season.

For NFL teams, it's time to sort the good from the mediocre (we've already sorted out the bad).

For you, just make sure you check your lineup.

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