200 Miles From the Citi

November 9, 2009 12:01 AM


It's kind of ridiculous how much time I spend watching baseball.

6 months out of the year, April through October, there's a game on.

Whether it's the Mets and I'm watching with intense interest, or I'm bouncing around for different at-bats or pitchers according to my fantasy team, or I've just got a game on for background noise while I do schoolwork, there are few nights when I don't have baseball on in some capacity.

Which is why, here on November 9th, I need your help.


This is a down time of year for my TV-watching, and I want to take advantage of it.  My wife and I use the time to catch up on DVR-ed shows - we watch "The Office", "How I Met Your Mother", and, theoretically, "30 Rock".  (I say 'theoretically' because we have a ton of episodes recorded but haven't gotten around to watching them.)

My wife watches other 'girl' shows ("Desperate Housewives", CW-type shows as well), and I need my own choice.

You see, after I put our youngest daughter to bed, there is about an hour or so of down time for me before she has put our oldest to bed.  I used to have a baseball game on, and now I'd like to fill the time with something other than whatever game I picked in ESPN's 'Streak' game.

So your suggestions are welcome.  I suspect some suggestions might have to deal with late-night TV...certainly Conan, and maybe Jimmy Fallon, are options on DVR.  This doesn't have to be strictly sports-related.  I enjoy history, if there's something you think might catch my interest in that genre.  And I like a good comedy if you have any suggestions there.

It could be brand-new...or something I've never seen that's in syndication.  All I'm looking for is something to veg out to for a bit.  (Don't worry about me - I read plenty.)  And it could be sports-related - I'm sure I'm missing some entertaining stuff on the NFL or MLB Networks.  Broaden my horizons.

The added benefit is, of course, that I will sometimes write about what I'm watching, so if you're a fan as well, you can chime in on my thoughts.

I only have time for one other show in my give me some good options.

By the way, I'm still getting used to this new site, you probably are too.  I have no idea how you can make a comment here.  So I'll revive the ol' e-mail address for your contributions.

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