200 Miles From the Citi

November 29, 2009 7:25 AM

SUNDAY PAPER (Year 1, Volume XIV)

Tiger.JPGWhichever Tiger Woods story turns out to be true, is there any way someone can be innocently leaving their own house at 2:30am Thankgiving night?

Something has to be wrong for that to happen, right?

Because of the circumstances, I'm leaning more towards believing the angry wife theory than what the Tiger Woods camp has to say.

And it makes me kind of sad.

I just think it's terrible that there's a black eye on Tiger now (the figurative way, not the literal way, though that's also too bad).

And it's getting worse with every delay in the true information getting out.  Saturday it was his agent asking for another day before being interviewed by police - an interview which doesn't even have to happen (since it's a traffic accident that's being investigated), so I wouldn't even hold your breath on that taking place.

But I would think Tiger would want to have his say before the 911 tapes go public sometime today.

I don't know how Tiger Woods was able to keep his life so private until now - but I liked that he did.  It was all about sports with him - golf, golf, golf.  The occasional endorsement (I love when he tries to pay at the supermarket checkout with the super-big check...mostly because it shows him smiling, which you rarely see), but it was all business with him.

You didn't think he did bad things because he didn't give you a moment to stop and think about it really.  He lived and breathed golf, and that's all I ever thought about with him.

And now, he'll not only be thought of as the greatest golfer ever, but the man who was involved in that weird Thanksgiving night accident in 2009....among other things that may or may not still come out.

Either way, it's no longer only about the golf.

And it makes me think that there is no high-profile anything (athlete, celebrity, politician), who lives the life I want them to live.

-I don't love Ben Roethlisberger.  I don't necessarily hate him, but I certainly don't love him.  I don't quite understand him - I think he's dumb as a rock, but he's got two Super Bowl wins, so he must know something about football.  But I'm applauding him today - or at least whoever on the Steelers makes these types of decisions.  I was ready to rip him apart because he was going to play this week after suffering a head injury last week...but then on Saturday the news came out that he was not going to play Sunday against the Ravens.  That's an excellent example to set - bottom line is it's only a football game.  Roethlisberger has already had his share of close calls with injury after his motorcycle accident a few years ago - he doesn't need to tempt fate in a sensitive area like his brain (insert joke about Roethlisberger's brain here).  So I'm glad he's not playing for reasons that have nothing to do with football.  And now, for reasons having to do with football, I'm going to go switch my pool pick from the Steelers getting points to the Ravens giving points.

-I'm banking not so much on the Jets being terrible today, but the Panthers being unreadable - they were disappointing in their last game, a nationally televised clunker against the Dolphins last week, so they have to win this game.  I just can't figure them out.  I say Panthers 27, Jets 19

-I don't think this was earth-shattering news, but I read in the paper Thursday that Bob Sheppard will not be coming back as PA announcer for the Yankees.  I thought he had already permanently retired...and I was surprised to read he's 99 years old.  I have to say this is the right career move.  I like the fact that Derek Jeter still uses a recording of Sheppard's voice when he steps to the plate.

-Speaking of step-downs in baseball, it's probably not the worst thing for the game that Bud Selig will most likely be stepping down after his contract expires in 2012.  A change might be good.

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