200 Miles From the Citi

November 19, 2009 7:46 AM


UFL.JPGI was flipping around during last Thursday's Bears-49ers game, and came across the UFL game on Versus.

The UFL is the latest league to start up opposite the NFL...I don't say "challenge" the NFL, because I don't think that's really what they're after.

The Bears-Niners game was pretty bad...but it was a masterpiece compared to the quality of football in the UFL game.

The UFL has some big names coaching their four teams - Jim Fassell, Jim Haslett, Dennis Green, and Ted Cottrell - but the talent level on the field is pretty bad.

And it doesn't look like things are catching on - no one was at the New York-Florida game that was on last week.  Interestingly, and I've been forgetting to mention this, the New York team plays its home games at Citi Field (Wilpons trying to make more money?  I feel like that's going to damage the field), but this game was played in Hartford, Connecticut in front of what looked to be about 3 people.

Not surprisingly, the Ted Cottrell-coached New York team is 0-5.  Jim Haslett, who can coach, is 5-0.

Surprisingly, the league is touting itself as almost like a developmental league - "Where Future Stars Come to Play!".  I think that's an interesting approach - and quite possibly a successful one.  The league is wrapping up in a couple of weeks, if I understand correctly, which means that teams hit by injuries might look to a couple of former UFL players to fill out their rosters in time for a playoff push.

That's why I think the idea isn't a bad one - they're not so much competing with the NFL as 'supplementing' it.

Unfortunately, if there continues to be such a tremendous lack of interest in the UFL, it won't be supplementing the NFL for long.

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