200 Miles From the Citi

December 29, 2009 10:30 PM

Flushing Bay

Bay_Ovation.JPGI've always really liked Jason Bay.  I was psyched when the Red Sox received him in the Manny Ramirez trade because I'd get to see him locally (I was at the game where he debuted with Boston, to a standing ovation...that's the picture at the left).

So imagine my delight at tonight's news that he has agreed to a contract with the Mets (pending a physical).

I think he's a great fit.

Pitching is still a huge problem for the Mets, and I'm still waiting on them to address that problem...but it's nice to see the team make a move...and this is a great move.

Part of the problem last year was when the pitchers actually gave them a good outing, there was no offense.  Jason Bay will provide offense.

I know he's not the greatest power hitter in baseball history (he did pretty well against the Mets though - 8 homers in 32 games...maybe that's why I have this inflated image of him), but he's going to be a solid producer in the outfield for the Mets.

That's Bay in left, Beltran in center, Wright at third, and Reyes at short...if you could play only the left side of a field, I'd take that lineup against anyone's.

Bay is coming off a 36-homer, 119-RBI season.  He's not going to give the Mets those types of numbers - but he'll hit between 20-30 homers and he'll probably drive in 100 runs in the Mets lineup.  And there's an outside shot he could be made for the Citi Field dimensions as a right-handed pull hitter.

The Mets can't be done - they have a long way to go to compete with the Phillies and the friggin' Nationals, for crying out loud, and the moves they made to improve.

But this is a good step towards a better 2010.

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