200 Miles From the Citi

December 31, 2009 7:19 AM


It's a new tradition here at '200 Miles From the Citi' - a year-end look at the top 10 stories on this here site.  (And an excuse to use this cool banner I had made, which I don't know that I'll ever be able to use again...)


Citi_Tighter_3.JPGI start by again giving you sort of a warning - these are the top 10 stories that affected the content you read about on this site - not the top 10 stories of the sports world.  I'd give the Tiger Woods situation (which is probably #1 in countless other places)  a spot in the top 15, because I did comment on it quite a bit, but it's not a top 10 story.

These were the ones that did make the cut (golf pun intended).

#10 - '200 Miles From the Citi'

Not to be self-serving, but if it wasn't for everything I was about to mention, there'd be no 2009 retrospective, so bear with me.  In 2009 the blog celebrated its five-year anniversary, and with a terrible Mets season coming on the heels of another Jets collapse, I just about gave up the blog in 2009.  But then there was a rebirth, as I was picked up to be a part of this RealClearSports Blog Network.  It hasn't hurt that the Jets have been worth writing about since that time...but early indications are we're looking at another five years of '200 Miles From the Citi'.

#9 - A Phillies-Yankees World Series

Yup.  Just about as bad as I imagined.

#8 - Gary Carter

The Hall of Famer continues to be relevant in my world.  He had another successful season managing, this time with the Long Island Ducks, and then shortly after their season came to an end, he was off to manage closer to home at the college level.

#7 - Boston University Hockey

It only merited a blurb mention on the blog (I don't do much college hockey), but my alma mater celebrated a hockey championship.  It was ultra-dramatic, too.  For someone as championship-starved as me, this was a big deal.

#6 - Last Trip To Giants Stadium

Not quite the trip down memory lane that the last visits to Shea Stadium brought, but notable nonetheless.  I would have loved to make my last trip to Giants Stadium in 2010 (January 3, 2010, to be exact), but I just can't swing it with an 8 o'clock game and my first day back at school just hours later.  A win over the Patriots, though, in my last trip to Giants Stadium isn't badToo bad I'll keep having to make this trip to get to the new stadium instead of the west side of Manhattan.

#5 - Just Not Wright

Jose Reyes gets injured, it's "Dog Bites Man".  David Wright gets injured, that's like "Man Bites Dog".  Mets fans got their first taste (pun intended) of life without David Wright after he suffered a concussion following a beaning in August.  Just icing on the pretty terrible cake that was the 2009 Mets' season.

#4 - The 2009 Mets Season

Yuck.  Blame injuries all you want, but this team was going nowhere from the get-go.  Didn't see it coming from the exhibition season (neither did Sports Illustrated), but saw it pretty soon after.  The final straw for me came in late June, when Francisco Rodriguez walked Mariano Rivera with the bases loaded.  At least it wasn't another late-season collapse.

#3 - Not The Same Ol' Jets - Part I

New blood made me forget all about the Jets' late season collapse a year ago and look forward to the 2009 season.  It started with the hiring of Rex Ryan, who wasn't afraid to run his mouth, and then the drafting of Mark Sanchez, which also brought excitement.  Both have had their share of miscues, but also shining moments...I like the direction in which the Jets are going.

#2 - Citi Field Opening Night

I wanted this to be the biggest deal of 2009...but to be quite honest it wasn't.  I'm not even sure it was number 2, but for the initial excitement.  Because I was really excited going into it, but it was a pretty boring night.  The new stadium experience merited two separate entries, but otherwise this was pretty much when I knew 2009 was not going to be a banner year for the Mets - just a dull opening night for their new stadium - not the stuff that champions are made of.  I still don't feel like Citi Field is home yet...hopefully it'll get there.

#1 - Not the Same Ol' Jets - Part II

I can't say it wasn't a disappointing season, because there were tons of disappointmentsBut it was exciting, and to have the team in playoff contention in Week 17 is more than I dared hope for in August (but what I came to expect by the end of September).

And now the biggest game of the 2009 season is the first game of the year 2010.  And hopefully a Jets playoff run in January becomes a big story on this list next year...followed by the bigger story of a huge 2010 season.

Happy New Year.  Remember, we'll be kicking off 2010 with a live blog all day Sunday (and possibly another update before then).

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