200 Miles From the Citi

January 18, 2010 7:54 AM


Jets_Beat_SD.JPGThis is such a weird feeling.

I almost can't believe it.

The Jets were in this spot a decade ago (lots more on that later in the week), but that followed a 12-4 season...this is totally unexpected.

The Jets are one win from the Super Bowl.

And I love how that feels.

Everything is going the Jets' way right now.  It's the reason you have to feel that they'll win again next week...and maybe two weeks after that.

-Mark Sanchez throws an interception...the Jets come back with an interception of their own.

-A Chargers defender comes busting through the line on a late punt and only gets a couple of fingers on the ball...partial block instead of a full block.

-Nate Kaeding misses two huge field goals (I don't count the 57-yarder).

-An onside kick bounces high in the air off a Jet...and comes down in the hands of the Jets.

These are the bounces that the Jets don't usually get.  And then there are the huge plays themselves.

-Down 7-3, with a chance to pin the Chargers deep, the Jets do just that.  Steve Weatherford punts to the 4-yard line, and then the Jets pick off Philip Rivers, return it to the 16, and end up with a touchdown.

-Running out the clock, up 10-7, Shonn Greene ends up going 53-yards to give the Jets a 17-7 lead.

The Jets were far from perfect after I said they needed a perfect game to get the win here.  After that Greene touchdown they squibbed the ball, which was just a terrible idea.  They hadn't given up but one touchdown all day kicking the ball deep - so they give the ball to the Chargers at mid-field?  I didn't like that.  The Chargers ended up scoring, and it was 17-14.

Nate Kaeding was a huge factor, because of that score - I wonder what it is - are the Jets in his head?  No way I thought that would happen again (like it did in 2005).

The other imperfection by the Jets was again Thomas Jones, with only 14 carries for 41 yards...but Shonn Greene makes it easy to ignore that because he had 23 carries for 128 yards.

And Mark Sanchez threw an interception, but as I mentioned above, the Jets responded by picking off Rivers.

The fact that the Jets won this game without being perfect just adds to that "anything is possible" feeling with this team.

It starts with the coach, continues with the players who believe it...and now with the performance on the field, both defensively and offensively.  The Jets are looking like a complete team.

The Colts will be favored next week...but I don't think anyone will be surprised anymore if the Jets beat them.

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