200 Miles From the Citi

January 6, 2010 7:15 AM


Ryan_Doused.JPGIf you think it was hard for me to wait through Sunday for the Jets game, imagine what this week is like.

It's just dragging along as I wait for the Jets' playoff appearance.

And when there's a long wait like this, I just obsess and obsess over the game...and other related thoughts.

So here's a little peek at the thoughts running around in my head.

*Every time I see a coach get doused (the ol' Gatorade bath...or the ice water in 20-degree weather bath, like Rex Ryan got on Sunday night), I think of the New York Giants.  I don't know how many other people do, but I feel like every time a network shows the dousing live, the broadcasters should be obligated to talk about the Giants and how they were the first to do it, and really, they made it an art form, sneaking up on Bill Parcells in trench coats, etc.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't the likes of Harry Carson and Lawrence Taylor the first ever to do it?  I feel like that has been swept under the rug...and now everyone does the Gatorade bath.  It seems to me it's gotten old, but I guess people still like it - it keeps happening, TV shows keep showing it.  And if that's going to continue, they might as well give credit where it's due.

*Seems odd to me that the two teams that played Sunday night, the latest possible game in Week 17, end up with the earliest possible slot in the playoffs (4:30 on Saturday afternoon).  I guess they're both in the same boat, so it doesn't matter that much.

*David Harris, the Jets' leading tackler, missed practice with an ankle sprain.  I'm sure he's very affected by it, but it seems to me he would probably try to play through something like that.  That's just my guess.

*I haven't won anything in the regular season with my picks, but I did qualify for a playoff pool with my fourth place finish.  So now we pick against spreads and over/unders, then give them confidence points...different from the regular season.  I like that a lot - another reason to look forward to the playoff games.

*Like I've said, I would be disappointed if the Jets didn't win this weekend, but it's bonus football with the Jets at this my wildest dreams I saw them in the playoffs, but I didn't think it would really happen.  (I didn't even pick them to make the playoffs, which I always do...I did pick 9-7, incidentally.)  But the first round for me always seems automatic, ever since the Raiders game at the end of the 2001 when they beat the Colts 41-0, and when they beat the Chargers before losing in Pittsburgh.  (The Patriots in 2007 was so weird - my brain hardly even registers that game...I guess the divisional rival piece of that game makes it feel less playoffy and more regular seasony...or the fact that the Jets had no shot.)  Anyway, even the Mets (when they make the playoffs) have never lost a first-round series since divisional play has been I think I now just expect the Jets to make it to the next round.

3 more days...

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