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January 11, 2010 7:30 AM


Sanchez_Thumbsup_Playoffs.JPGI fully expected to be writing today to tell you how the Jets were going to be able to beat the Colts.  Because I was really feeling good about their chances in Indianapolis.

I was absolutely not ready to think about San Diego, yet by virtue of the Ravens beating the Patriots, that's where the Jets are headed.

So, blame New England, but the San Diego preview is going to have to get pushed back another day.

But that's OK...because I had a lot more to talk about from Saturday night's playoff win anyway.

#1 - Braylon Edwards is going to cost the Jets big-time

The Jets got Edwards mid-season in the hopes that he would be the big-play receiver they have been missing.  So far he hasn't been a difference-maker, he's just been a big-play hole.  He should be making big plays, but ever since his first game, the Miami Monday nighter, he's been missing the opportunities to complete the big plays that Mark Sanchez has set up.

On Saturday night, right before the end of the first quarter, with the Jets trailing 7-0, Sanchez threw a bomb to the end zone that went right through Edwards' hands.  Again, like the regular season, the drop by Edwards came when he left his feet.  I can't be the first person to notice this pattern, right?  If he keeps his feet planted on the ground, or catches balls in stride, I bet he stops dropping passes.  This one wasn't a jump, it was a sort of dive, but like the jumps, it was unnecessary.  Stick to the fundamentals, Braylon.

Ryan_Doused.JPG#2 - Is Rex Ryan superstitious?

Ever since the Indianapolis game, Rex Ryan has been wearing that black Jets sweater vest(seen left)...even when it's been really cold.  Is he superstitious like me?  Is he not changing clothes because it's been lucky?  If so, I love him even more.  And I hope he's wearing the same get-up in San Diego, even if it's warm 1 o'clock California time next Sunday.

#3 - Are referees ganging up on Darrelle Revis?

Revis has been becoming more and more high-profile...and with that, have referees started to take a stand against his physical style of play?  Seems to be an increase in the number of flags against him for illegal contact-type penalties (even if they seem to be offensively initiated, like at least one instance Saturday night).  The pass interference call seemed to have been initiated by Ochocinco too...just something to keep in mind with Vincent Jackson looming.

My last points revolve around this game with San Diego - I had all of these arguments why the Jets matched up better with the Colts...and some of them translate to the Chargers.  I was going to say now is a good time to catch the Colts, since they are stumbling and the Jets have been hot.  To be honest, maybe this is the best game to play the Chargers, because they were so hot going into the playoffs, maybe they come out a bit flat on Sunday afternoon.  Also, the positive of San Diego rather than Indianapolis is that the Chargers are not at all as familiar with the Jets, offensively and defensively, other than what they can watch on tape.  They didn't experience it like the Colts did - that's got to count for something.

Remember the 2004 Jets?  They escaped the first round when Nate Kaeding missed a game-winning field goal, advanced to the second round and lost to the Steelers when their own kicker missed two chances to win them the game?  Well, there's a lot about these Jets that remind me of that team...and the similarities continue.  They weren't game-winning tries, but Shayne Graham looked awfully Nate Kaeding-ish missing those make-able field goals Saturday night.

Nate Kaeding still kicks for San Diego.  The Jets have had success out there in recent years.  Let's hope that continues this weekend.

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