200 Miles From the Citi

January 1, 2010 7:05 AM


Facebook.JPGIt's New Year's Day, so I thought I'd share with you just a couple of the recent status updates from my Facebook friends in the sports world.

You never do know who you'll come across.

Saturday, December 26 at 8:15pm: JIM CALDWELL - I think I'll give this kid Pointer some playing time tomorrow.

------Comment at 8:26pm by CURTIS PAINTER:  Coach, my name is "Painter".-------------

Sunday, December 27 at 9pm:  REX RYAN - WOOOOOOO!!  I TOLD YOU!  PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME!!!

Wednesday, December 30 at 7:20pm:  MARK MANGINO - What's all this fuss about Mike Leach?  Locking someone in a closet?  Tame.

Thursday, December 31 at 12:35pm:  JASON BAY - Good news, bad news.  Good news is my Canadian agent set me up with what he calls a championship deal with New York!  Bad news - he didn't know there are 2 teams in New York.  I signed with the Mets.  Hoser.

Thursday, December 31 at 9:30pm:  GARY BETTMAN - Hoping it snows at Fenway tomorrow...Snow = charming.  Freezing Rain = Bad idea.

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