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February 3, 2010 7:13 AM

Of A Knee And A Leg

Sanchez_Hurt.JPGThis is fast becoming "Body Parts Week" at 200 Miles From the Citi.

Yesterday, it was Rex Ryan's finger.  (Part 1 of this case is closed, with a $50,000 fine from the Jets.  Still probably a penalty coming from the league.)

Today, it's more of the injured body part variety - some good news and some bad news for two of the biggest stars in New York.

Mark Sanchez, after a few second opinions (I guess that would be third and possibly fourth opinions), has decided to go ahead and have surgery on his knee.

Now, contrary to the image I used to the left, this was not the injury he suffered this season in Toronto against the Bills when he dove awkwardly.  That was an injury to his right knee that the Jets and a few doctors feel will completely heal with rest.

This is an old college injury to Sanchez's left knee that has bothered him on and off.  He wears a brace for it.

I guess this is a pretty routine surgery for Sanchez, but it makes me nervous.  He's so important to the Jets I don't want anything going wrong.  And you just never know what could happen with surgery..

The good news comes from the Mets, and Jose Reyes saying this week that he feels no pain in his legs.  This is great news.

When Reyes first came up, he had constant leg issues.  He and the team didn't handle them ideally, and then once the horse was out of the barn Reyes would be shut down.  It was frustrating for everyone.

Last year, Reyes said his legs were in pain all year long.  Shutting him down after just about 35 games might have been a career-saving move.  Who knows.

What I do know is that Reyes isn't lying now.  I'm sure his legs feel great.  I don't think he'd speak about it otherwise.  And he sounds excited to get back out there and run, which is awesome news for the Mets.  They are going to need Reyes to create as many runs as he humanly can.  The Mets success this season may just rest on how healthy Jose Reyes's legs are.

Now if only he could pitch....

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