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February 8, 2010 7:25 AM

Payton Over Peyton

Saints_Win_SB.JPGWell, I did not see that coming.

I said it when I made my pick - the Week 10 or so Saints I would have given a shot against the Colts.

Not the way the Saints were playing towards the end of the season.

Well, sometime around the second quarter, the Week 10 Saints showed up.

And that's why they're Super Bowl champions.

It was really good to see a Saints win.

It's funny - almost everyone wanted to see the Saints win the game...but almost the same amount of people were ready to crown the Colts before the game was played.  It usually seems like trouble follows that type of a declaration of champion before the game is played.

It's not that the Colts were huge's just that it seemed like people were leaning Indy's way more than New Orleans'.

And it looked, early, like that was all warranted.  The Colts jumped out to a 10-0 lead and after one quarter it didn't look like they were turning back.

Heck, even though they barely touched the ball in the second quarter, they stoned the Saints on the goal line and it felt like that would be the Saints' last chance to get in the end zone.

And then, just in case anyone started to lean the Saints' way in the third quarter, after they took the 16-10 lead, the Colts answered the Saints touchdown with their own touchdown, making it 17-16 again and just a matter of time until they put New Orleans away.

But they never did.

The Saints played a really aggressive game, and they didn't change their approach no matter the situation they faced.  I loved the onside kick to start the second half.  I loved the aggressive play by their defense that resulted in the interception for a touchdown that just about sealed the win late.

It was exactly what made the Saints look so unbeatable earlier this season.

It was surprising that the Saints came back from down 10-0 to win the Super Bowl.

Go back a couple of months, though, and it's really no surprise that the Saints today are Super Bowl champions.

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