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February 24, 2010 6:23 AM

Spring Training Roundup

Rod_Barajas.JPGI've spent more time so far on Spring Training 2011 than I have on Spring Training 2010, so it's time to start weighing in on this year's version of the Mets.

Other than the signing of Rod Barajas, which was finally made official, a lot of the talk has involved the Mets' big names (or, players who hit above .230 last year).

Jose Reyes, for example.  Jerry Manuel says he's considering batting Reyes third while Carlos Beltran recovers from his knee surgery...and perhaps afterwards.  As a Jose Reyes fantasy owner (yes, I already had a draft), this concerns me because Reyes has to be less inclined to steal hitting in the three spot, no?  And then, further, as a Mets fan, I don't think the three spot in the lineup fully takes advantage of Reyes' abilities.  I'm sure he would be productive for the Mets in the three spot in the order...I just don't know if it's better than Reyes in the leadoff spot.

Johan Santana knows he's good.  In fact, he says he's the best pitcher in the division.  Good.  Just so long as he backs it up.  Especially when he pitches against the other aces (Josh Johnson, Roy Halladay...heck, anyone else in the division pitched well against the Mets last year).

In case you, like me, think the Mets' problems stem from ownership, that's not going to change anytime soon.  Fred Wilpon spoke at spring training and said he hopes the Mets will remain in the family "for generations".

Nobody worry, Carlos Beltran is not mad at the Mets.  (Why would he start showing emotion now?)  He says he's on schedule to return from his surgery according to the original timetable, and after a week of stewing about the surgery disagreement with the Mets, he got over it.  I was pretty harsh on Beltran when this all went down (in his words, I'm human), but with time to reflect I guess he probably did the right thing.  I mean, with the Mets' training track record, Beltran might have ended up having his leg amputated by now.

Finally, if Sandy Koufax seems a bit, I don't, I guess that's bound to happen after you spend a little time with Oliver Perez.

Man, that took on a far more sarcastic tone than I intended.

Should be a fun season.

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