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February 28, 2010 7:37 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume IX)

Cuse.JPGNot sure about you, but Spring Training only keeps my excitement for so long.

I'll pay attention as games start this week, check out a few box scores, keep tabs on the players...but for the most part with baseball at this point, it's "Get me to April".

As the calendar switches to March tomorrow, there's one thing that will sustain my interest and help me get to the baseball games that count....

March Madness.

And I've been meaning to write about this for a while...I guess now's as good a time as any.

I know they're number 4 in the country.  I know they're 27-2.  But I can't figure out Syracuse...and I just don't think they're that good.  Are they?

I've felt this way since early in the season.  It seems like they play down to their competition...really good teams give them a lot of trouble.  I know it's hard to defend that argument since they just keep winning...especially coming off a big win last night, and with everything that happened yesterday they'll probably be ranked higher than 4...but I don't see them doing a ton of damage in the NCAA Tournament.

Every time I've seen someone on a CBS or an ESPN draw up a Final Four, Syracuse has been in the mix.

I understand they've earned that kind of respect with the kind of season they've had so far.

But I just have a feeling that they'll fall short of those expectations.

*So some guy is suing the Kansas City Royals because he was hit in the face by a hot dog thrown by their mascot.  As ridiculous as this is, I'm going to use it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to call an end to the nonsense that is thrown hot dogs into stadium seating areas.  Really.  What are we doing?  It's bad enough when they are thrown by mascots and's worse when they are shot out of those t-shirt guns.  Are people really eating these hot dogs?  Do stadiums have enough hot dogs that they can go through these exercises just to waste them?  Enough is enough.  If you're going to do anything, toss free hot dog coupons into the stands...not the hot dogs themselves.

*Bummer of the week - news from my wife that Billy Joel and Elton John, who were supposed to play Fenway Park in mid-to-late July (the yearly Fenway Park concert that is always a big draw, but people are always disappointed in the way it sounds, but I would have gone in a heartbeat because I love Billy Joel...even though I can never see another concert after the 'Last Play at Shea'), canceled their show because apparently Billy Joel doesn't want to tour this summer.

*I wonder if there will be a yearly concert at Citi Field now, too.  Heard commercials this weekend for Dave Matthews Band at Citi Field July 16 and 17.

*Bummer of the week, Part II - I'll have more about these on Wednesday in the weekly Spring Training roundup, but Kelvim Escobar will likely begin the season on the DL, Francisco Rodriguez has pink eye and was sent home this week, and Jose Reyes is connected to some HGH sting. 

*Big problem today with the USA Hockey gold medal game.  We spent the weekend in New York to see my brother's show Saturday night.  Now we'll be driving back during the game...any earlier or any later for a start time and I'd be able to watch a good chunk of the hockey game.  Now, I might be driving through the entire thing.  (Thanks for clicking my brother's link, by the way.  Go ahead, do it again.  Check out the Facebook and MySpace pages with his music.  He's quite talented.) 

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