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February 7, 2010 7:50 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume VI)

Putz.JPGReally, when is it going to stop with the Mets?

The way they are run is not championship-caliber.  It's laughable to think of it as championship-caliber.

To even compare the level on which they are operating right now is an insult to that other level.

Have you heard the latest involving J.J. Putz?

So Putz says he had this bone spur in his elbow with the Mariners, and the Mets knew about it when they traded for him.  But they didn't do any testing until spring training - not when they traded for him.

The Mets countered with a statement that physicals are standard only when a player signs as a free agent...not when there's a trade.

I beg your pardon, but if you're trading for someone, you put them through a physical.  How many times have you heard about a trade going through, pending a physical?  A lot, right?

Maybe that's only from the teams that care about getting quality, non-injured players.

The Mets let J. J. Putz, and the bone spur they knew about, pitch in the World Baseball Classic and then shut it down after appearing in barely 30 games.  Now Putz is with the Chicago White Sox and he's telling the world how laughable the Mets are.

It's almost so laughable you want to cry.

There needs to be a lot of change at the top for the Mets to start winning...I always want to be optimistic heading into a season, but I just don't think this team has a chance to succeed considering who's running it.

*Darryl Strawberry had his say in a recent interview.  He said the Mets didn't do enough over this off-season, especially where pitching is concerned.  He's right.  He also said that he wouldn't have hesitated to use performance-enhancing drugs during his playing days if they were available to him.  I'm not surprised.

*Jay Glazer's coming forward to say that Rex Ryan was viciously heckled and even spit at before he flipped off a fan in Miami certainly makes it sound like Ryan showed great restraint by only throwing up a middle finger.  I never want to be mad at Rex Ryan, so if this is the case, I'm really proud he only sullied the Jets a bit and not a whole lot.  P.S.  Some fans are just absolute idiots.

SB_XLV.JPG*I like what the NFL is doing with their redesign of the AFC and NFC Championship trophies and the Super Bowl logo.  All of it is being streamlined to look similar.  They unveiled the logo for Super Bowl XLV, which will be held next year in Dallas.  That's it to the left.  The logo will now always feature the roman numeral of whatever Super Bowl it is, along with the stadium in the backdrop.  I bet this is a good sign that New York will be a host - they'll probably want to get the New York skyline in the backdrop of one of those logos.  The AFC and NFC Championship logos are changing as well, as are the trophies - they'll more closely resemble, to my understanding, the NCAA trophy, shaped like a football.

I already love how each Super Bowl is roman numeraled anyway - it's probably my favorite championship format - one game, one number.  So the NFL's already ahead of the game with the format - any change that features those cool elements of its format are fine with me.

*This has to be a good omen, right?  My Super Bowl pick was Colts 31, Saints 17.  My Super Bowl squares came in Friday afternoon - AFC 1, NFC 7 (among other numbers).  I'm feeling good about that...

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