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February 5, 2010 7:20 AM

Super Bowl Pick

SB_XLIV.JPGI guess I'll make my Super Bowl pick today, since it's the Friday before the game, and that's when it's fashionable to make the pick.

I haven't gotten my Super Bowl square numbers yet, and I'm finished in the playoff pool, so this is just about the purest pick you're going to get.

And before we go any further, kudos to the NFL for its fourteenth straight year with a non-repeat matchup in the Super Bowl.

On to the game...

I need to couch the following by saying two weeks is a long time.  The Saints could have fixed everything that went wrong in the NFC Championship in that time, and the Colts could have gone stone cold in that time.  But my prediction is based on what I saw heading into the Super Bowl bye week.

And what I saw is that the Colts are the better team.  The Saints are slipping.

Had this matchup taken place in Week 10 or so, I'd be all over the Saints.  Somewhere right around that time, though, is where the Saints peaked for the season.  They started playing some close games, then struggled down the stretch, losing their last three regular season games.  They rebounded well after the bye week to smoke the Cardinals, but they could not stop the Vikings, and that was a huge surprise.  This whole year I had been impressed by the Saints' defense.  I'm not sure I am anymore.

With the Colts, though, you have to look hard to find a weakness.  It begins with Peyton Manning, but it doesn't necessarily end there.  They have playmakers all over the field, on both sides of the ball.  They're well-coached, too - they beat the Ravens in the second round at their game, and figured out and beat the Jets in the AFC Championship Game.

I want to tell you this is going to be a really entertaining, close game, because the grass will neutralize both dome/turf teams a little bit...but it won't matter.  It's going to be the Colts in something of a romp:


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