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March 12, 2010 6:21 AM

And So It Continues

Reyes_Spring.JPGPicking up right where the 2009 season left off, 2010 is off to a rip-roaring start.

Jose Reyes will miss 2-to-8 weeks to rest his overactive thyroid.

Apparently (and contrary to my non-doctor advice on Sunday that this sounds like something that can be treated medicinally), there is no medication for this sort of thing.  (Though I was right in that it's not tremendously serious.)

Just rest and hope it gets better.

While the Mets get worse.

Here's what worries me most about this situation.

Already the injury count is at two - Reyes and Carlos Beltran - three if you count Kelvim Escobar.

And what this is doing is already creating an excuse for a poor 2010 season.  Two of the most important hitters in the Mets lineup are out, so automatically that will be the catch with every story written about why the Mets are struggling.  (And my suspicion is that the Mets will struggle.)

People will say, is it fair to blame Jerry Manuel?  Is it fair to blame Omar Minaya?  They haven't been firing on all cylinders for two years now.

And then 2011 and beyond will bring more of the same.

These are my worries.

I have no doubt Jose Reyes will be fine.  I bet the rest works, I bet he's an effective player for the Mets this season.

Problem is, when does he come back?  Early-to-mid April, while the Mets still have a chance to put together a decent season?

May, when the team is in too big a hole to climb out of?

Even if it's April I don't know if Reyes' presence is enough to help the Mets have a decent season.

But the earlier he's back, the more the tandem of Manuel and Minaya are exposed, without the excuse of missing another one of their best players.

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