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March 25, 2010 7:20 AM

Made For TV

Ryan_Sanchez_SD.JPGThis makes absolutely all the sense in the world.

Is there a team better suited to be on this year's edition of HBO's "Hard Knocks" than the Jets?

There may not be much in the way of position drama for a team that is pretty settled heading into the 2010 regular season...but there is no shortage of personalities on the team.

And in a league featuring tight-lipped coaches in every stadium, HBO viewers are sure to get an earful from the biggest personality on the Jets: Head Coach Rex Ryan.

The Jets are expected to make the announcement today that they are the team that will be featured on "Hard Knocks".

And let me be clear - I love this.  It means I'll have to get HBO and I will no longer rely so heavily on fellow bloggers' awesome reviews of the show, but those are sacrifices I'll just have to make.

It'll be a distraction, you say?  No more distracting than glomming on to the media and making news that way.  At least with HBO cameras ever-present the team will eliminate the distraction of seeking out the cameras.

Another issue that makes it less obtrusive is that, according to my quick research, Rex Ryan was a coach with the Baltimore Ravens when the Ravens were featured on the show in 2001.  So he knows the drill, and he has a lot of time to prepare for it.

Why is it awesome?  Well, for one thing, it will be entertaining television.  You never know what Rex Ryan will say or do, and that's when he doesn't even expect cameras to capture his every movement.

For me, removed from the day-to-day coverage of the Jets (living in New England and getting more than my share of Patriots coverage), it'll be awesome to get an inside view of Jets training camp.

And like I said, despite there not being much playing time drama, there's plenty of storylines:

-LaDainian Tomlinson as the 'new guy', trying to prove he can contribute.

-Up-and-coming, media-savvy sophomore quarterback Mark Sanchez.

-Antonio Cromartie and his off-the-field drama.

-Shonn Greene being handed the brunt of the workload after a successful post-season.

-An excellent defense striving to be better.

-Rex Ryan's adjustment to his new weight following lap-band surgery.

-The upstart AFC Championship Game team from a year ago is a favorite to make this season's Super Bowl.

-A new stadium to call home.

-And Rex Ryan isn't the only person on the team who likes to talk - there will be no shortage of quotes.

That doesn't even scratch the surface, I'm sure.

HBO is doing another service to the NFL - it's a little more than a week from the beginning of the baseball season, and there's a part of me that wishes it was the start of football season.

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