200 Miles From the Citi

March 19, 2010 6:20 AM


Ohio_Gtown.JPGYou may not believe this, but I absolutely saw this coming.

First of all, easy for me to say now, and I think I forgot to write this, but I did NOT feel good about my bracket.

And after I heard/saw Villanova struggle all afternoon against Robert Morris, and saw that Notre Dame lost to Old Dominion, I started to suspect I had put too much stock in the Big East.

I was right.

I told this to a number of different people.  I was talking to two co-workers when I voiced my Big East fears.

I was on the phone with Dave in Brighton on Wednesday when I told him I didn't pick many upsets, which probably meant this year would feature a bunch.  I also told him I did not feel good about my bracket...particularly Georgetown getting to the final.

But those were my picks, so I'll deal with it.

Thursday night was so bad I didn't even stay up until the end of the last group of games.  I wait all year for this weekend and I may have already lost interest.  (I'm a sucker, though, so I'm not counting out a Friday rally.)

I don't think I've ever been so out of the tournament after just 12 games - starting out 5-7 with one finalist already gone.  (8-8 after one day.)

Contrast that to the embarrassment of my 3-year-old going 9-3 in those same first 12 games, and looking like a genius for picking Murray State ("Like Murray from Sesame Street!"), Ohio, and 11-seeds Washington and Old Dominion.  (Not to mention nearly shocking the world with Robert Morris.)

It's the pitfall of keeping such close track of my brackets all these years.  I not only realize I'm doing bad in the moment, but I might be reminded of it for years to come.

Watch out, 2006 bracket, with your 28 wins overall (20-12 in the first round).  2010 might be pushing you out of the basement.

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