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March 3, 2010 6:20 AM

Spring Training Week 2

Bay_Spring.JPGA baseball game to talk about!

Don't worry, there's plenty of controversy, too..and what would a Mets update be without an injury or two?

We'll start, though, with the "first official unofficial game", as Gary Cohen put it...where some rain before the game kept the Mets' big bats, like Jason Bay (left), out of the lineup.

It's exhibition baseball, so first game or not, I'll just give you rapid fire thoughts...I was pleasantly surprised that MLB Network was showing the SNY coverage - good to hear Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling...Also, Kevin Burkhardt is quickly becoming the best in the business of the baseball 'sideline' reporter - I particularly enjoyed his interview with Rod Barajas, who really sounds like he knows what he's doing behind the plate.  So far he has won me over - nothing but positives, and this can't hurt - he caught Oliver Perez in the World Baseball Classic...Nelson Figueroa pitched OK; he got into and then out of a second inning jam.  I'm not going to read too much into Spring Training, but I will read into this - SNY reported that Figueroa's last winter ball start was a complete game, 3-hit shutout, and a good spring to follow that up could possibly lead to a good season...Big theme for the Mets this year is "Prevention & Recovery", in regards to injuries.  They've toned down a lot of their strength exercises and weight training, incorporating more baseball-related activities.  The team thinks this could stem their disproportionate number of injuries....Oh yeah, the Mets did pull out a win, 4-2.


Jose Reyes was connected to the HGH investigation of a Canadian doctor this week, a connection which, it turns out, was recommended to Reyes by Carlos Beltran.  According to Reyes, he only saw the doctor for a 'blood spinning' procedure...and it didn't work.  Blood was taken from Reyes' leg, spun in a, um, spinner, I guess, and then reinjected into Reyes' leg.  Nothing wrong with that.  Anyway, Reyes said the call from the FBI agent scared him, but he also sounded like it was all over and he was able - and happy - to concentrate on baseball.  We can only hope that Reyes devotes all of his energy to baseball...only good things can result from that. 

Kelvim Escobar, who I thought was a good signing by the Mets, and who I'm confident will have a good season if healthy.....isn't healthy.  The Mets are doubtful he'll be ready for Opening Day.  Escobar says the team wants to take it easy with him.  Let's see here...the Mets sign a guy with an injury history.  The first news in connection with him to come out of Spring Training is that he won't be ready for Opening Day...I'm not so sure this story will have a happy ending.  Injuries, 1, Prevention, 0, Recovery, ?.  Francisco Rodriguez also dealt with pink eye this week.

Big article on David Wright in this Sunday's New York Daily News, all about how Wright has bulked up this off-season.  Jeff Francoeur (a full season of Jeff Francoeur!  He doesn't keep his mouth shut about anything.) says Wright looks like he shed the "baby fat" and put on some muscle.  There was a shorter piece in the Daily News the other day about how Wright was banged up a lot of last season.  He insists that neither was or will be a factor in his power production....but I have to think if he was bothered by somethng last year, that had to have an impact on his least it explains it a little bit.

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