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March 7, 2010 7:00 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume X)

Cromartie.JPGThere's so much going on I almost published a Saturday edition...instead, we'll go with an extra-large Sunday paper.

Some baseball, football, even a final word on the Winter Olympics mixed in - but we'll start with the Jets and Antonio Cromartie.

Football-wise, I think this is a great move for the Jets.  Cromartie is in the final year of his rookie contract, which means he's not very expensive, and it also means he's playing for a contract this year.  Although he's been inconsistent and troublesome the past couple of years in San Diego, he will have a good 2010 season.

It's after this season that I worry about.

Once he locks up a long-term contract, will he let other distractions get in the way?  (He has admitted that his multiple children, to multiple mothers, in multiple states, has weighed on his mind and took his attention away from the field in the past.)  Will the Jets be the team to automatically offer him that long-term contract if he has a good 2010?

Part of Cromartie's falling-out in San Diego dealt with scheme - he was unhappy with the amount of man-to-man the Chargers played.  Scheme shouldn't be a problem with the Jets - Rex Ryan will rely heavily on Cromartie in his scheme, where man-to-man in the secondary is imperative.  Cromartie is also someone the Jets need, since the Colts in the AFC Championship Game exploited the entire Jets secondary not named Revis when they opened the game up in the second half.

This could be a huge piece for the Jets as they attempt to go beyond the success of the 2009 post-season.  For Cromartie, the trade to the Jets is the typical 'change of scenery' that could do a player good.  Maybe having a good 2010 will help him turn other aspects of his life around.

Cromartie should help the Jets.  It may just turn out that being traded to the Jets may help Antonio Cromartie.

*Remember when Kerry Rhodes was in the doghouse, but seemed to find his way out?  Maybe he didn't, really.  The Jets dealt Rhodes late yesterday to Arizona for a couple of draft picks (a fourth rounder this year and a seventh next year).  I always liked Rhodes...but I guess there just aren't very many football players who I get too attached to these days.

*I'm going to take an optimistic view of this Jose Reyes situation.  (And by optimistic I mean more than the sarcastic "the less he's on the field the less of a chance that he'll get hurt" view.)  When the news first came out that the Mets were holding back Reyes from playing because they didn't like what they saw in his blood tests, I didn't think we'd hear exactly why for a while, and then they'd announce a huge health issue.  But, while serious, I'm kind of relieved to hear it's a thyroid imbalance.  It's something that's keeping him from playing now while they gather more information, but it's also something that, in my non-doctor knowledge of these sorts of things, is treatable and could get him playing with medication, I think.  So bottom line, I guess this could be worse.  Hard to blame the Mets' training staff for this one, but I'll make an effort.  Is this just coincidentally being found out now?  For someone who had all of these medical issues last year, I'm surprised this type of blood issue didn't come up during last season.  Coincidence or oversight?  For the Mets' reputation let's hope it's not an oversight.

*Other NFL moves that caught my eye:

-The Ravens with Anquan Boldin seem like they're suddenly really dangerous.

-Jake Delhomme was caught by surprise by his release?  I mean, I didn't hear much about it ahead of time either, but Jake, stop crying and start playing like a good quarterback.  You have been terrible for about three years now - you're lucky you even had a job this year.

-Nothing official yet, but all signs point to Chad Pennington re-signing with Miami.  It was a fun little dream while it lasted.

*I haven't had a chance yet to weigh in on the gold medal hockey game.  First of all, I was bothered by all the 'Miracle' talk with this U.S. team, and I was going to address it before The Grill Room did.  (Not the first time he has written something that was on my mind; expressing it more clearly, probably, than I was thinking it.)  So I won't touch that...but I will make this the final word on the overtime goal, just because I haven't heard/seen anyone say anything about this aspect of it.  Yes, Sidney Crosby's game-winner was quite a shot - but he was heading out of the zone before that puck hit the ref's skate and turned the action back toward the USA net.  That's not to take anything away from Canada, and it's not sour grapes, but it's just a fact...if that puck doesn't hit the skate, who knows what happens next.

*David Wright is profiled in this week's Sports Illustrated.  It's a decent enough article that makes you believe he'll have a bounceback year...but why wouldn't it be - it's Spring Training...anything can happen!  I wanted to link to the article, but I can't figure my way around Sports Illustrated's site.  It's a great site, it's got great links to everything you'd want...but everytime I want to link to a magazine article I have trouble finding the magazine link.  Probably the way they want it...but I'll just send you to the site and you can look for the article yourself.

*Big fan of the movies?  Me neither.  That's why you'll enjoy Justin's Oscar preview over at Sports Crackle Pop!  He's brilliant.

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