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March 21, 2010 7:04 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XII)

Ron_Washington.JPG"We believe in second chances."

That's what Rangers owner Tom Hicks said defending the team's decision to retain Ron Washington, after it was revealed that the Texas manager failed a drug test last summer.

Sometimes people don't deserve second chances.

This is one of those times.

I think the Texas Rangers are setting a terrible precedent.

It's zero tolerance going forward...but I guess you can get away with doing something pretty bad the first time around, before you get the zero tolerance stance slapped on you.

If you ask me, success in an organization starts at the top.  You can't overcome mistakes in affects the rest of the chain all the way on down.

I feel like this is not the message you want your organization to be sending, especially when you have a centerfielder with well-known drug and alcohol problems.

I wouldn't even want my manager to be a smoker, let alone someone who's doing cocaine during the season.

The message the Texas Rangers should have sent is firing Ron Washington and getting a new manager whose focus is 100% on baseball.

Second chances are appropriate in some cases.

Washington's second chance should be granted by someone other than the Rangers.

*I feel like this doesn't bode well for my pick of the Rangers winning the AL West.  But I don't like changing those types of I guess I'll leave it as is. 

*I'm really disappointed the Jets aren't playing the first-ever game at the new Meadowlands stadium.  I don't care so much about the historical aspect of it, but I really wanted to go to the Jets' first game there...and now it's on a Monday night.  (The Giants will play the first game the day before, a Sunday.)  I could have swung a Sunday before a school day...but no way I can get down there for a Monday night game after school and be back in Massachusetts for a Tuesday school day.  I guess there's enough controversy surrounding this process that maybe it could be switched...but I'm not holding out hope.  Yet another disappointing Jets moment.

*Forgot to mention this last week, or it might have been released on Sunday, but Rex Ryan got lap-band surgery last week.  That's a tie-off of the stomach which is supposed to decrease an appetite.  I'm glad he's doing something about his weight - it just can't be healthy to be that heavy and work as an NFL coach.  This probably adds some years to his life.

*Did you hear about the Pete Sampras-Andre Agassi controversy earlier this week?  Agassi took some heat for making fun of Sampras in front of a crowd (they were miked on the court), saying he was a bad tipper.  This followed Sampras imitating Agassi's pigeon-toed walk (drawing laughs from the crowd), and preceded Sampras firing a serve at Agassi's head.  Unless I'm missing something, Sampras started it, and didn't like it when he got what was coming to him.  Why is he coming out of this situation without the criticism Agassi is receiving?  (See, I'm sympathetic to a drug user - It's not that I don't believe in second chances, Tom Hicks, just they need to come at the appropriate times.  This is not the appropriate time for a Ron Washington second chance.)

*Heard some radio highlights of the Wisconsin-Wofford game as I was driving home Friday, and I thought I recognized the voice.  Sure enough, it was Gary Cohen.  I guess Mets fans might know that he's off covering NCAA games, because I'm sure they talk about it during spring training games.  I haven't seen spring training coverage since the first game, though, so I was in the dark with this.  If you're near a radio broadcasting NCAA games from the Jacksonville bracket today, try to tune in - the clips I heard of Cohen were very good.

*Personally, I had a strong bracket recovery with a 14-2 Friday.  Finished the first round with a 22-10 performance...not so bad.  I'm still kicking, I do believe, even though I don't have Georgetown in the final...and even though I had a terrible Saturday.  (Though my Saturday wasn't as bad as all those who have Kansas winning everything.)  Here's to the rest of my Final Four getting there, and Kentucky winning it all!

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