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April 16, 2010 6:35 AM


Pelfrey_W2.JPGA Friday post?  You know something good must have happened.

Unfortunately, my intentions in writing today aren't all pure and's just that I'm afraid I might not get many chances to write about good starts by Mets pitchers.

So I'm taking advantage of this opportunity.

Thursday afternoon Mike Pelfrey threw seven innings of five-hit ball, struck out six, and led the Mets to a 5-0 win over Colorado.

The most important number in his line, though, was zero - not in reference to the number of runs he gave up, but under the "walks" column.

It's going to be the theme for the Mets' pitchers all year long - if they don't beat themselves, they'll have a chance.  If they make things even easier for the other team against what's already an average (I think that's generous...let's say 'low-average') pitching staff, they're not going to win much.

Contrast Pelfrey's afternoon with John Maine, who gave up 8 runs in his three innings Tuesday night, while walking three in those three innings and giving up seven hits.

Even Pelfrey's previous start was a bit rocky - four walks in six innings.  That turned out to be the last Mets win before Pelfrey's win yesterday.  And during the losing streak there were just too many opposing baserunners.

A good sign is that in Pelfrey's career year - 2008 - he had been pitching well but really got things going with a shutout win over the Rockies.  That was in July, and it was at Shea Stadium, but I'm going to reach out there and call this April win in Denver symmetrical.  He finished 2008 13-11 with a 3.72 ERA.  It would be great to see him start off a year well and maintain that high level of performance all year long.

It's funny to click on Pelfrey's profile and see that he's ranked first (in a tie) in the league in wins, with his 2.  I'll take it though, and I'll enjoy this while imagining Pelfrey will have a stellar season.

After all, the buzz won't last long.

Oliver Perez goes tonight in St. Louis.

John Maine is scheduled to pitch on national television Sunday night.

Might be a long weekend.

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