200 Miles From the Citi

April 21, 2010 7:25 AM

A Scheduled Interruption


Instead of just a draft weekend, as in past years, the NFL is using the Draft to take over this entire week.

The Draft portion starts Thursday night, with a 3-day ex-draft-aganza through Saturday.

The hype for the NFL began Tuesday night, though, with the release of the 2010 schedule.

Much like the NCAA Selection Show, the NFL tried to capture the excitement with a schedule release show on the NFL Network.

My impression?  We do not need an NFL schedule release show.

Now, truth be told, I didn't watch the entire show.  I mean, there was baseball on!  But that's the point - if the NFL wants to draw viewers away from baseball, they need to do better than run a super-slow crawl featuring each team's schedule and re-hashing drama from 2009 that will be repeated in 2010 (i.e. Colts vs. Patriots), or "He's playing them when?!" (i.e. Donovan McNabb vs. the Eagles.)

I was curious, though, about the Jets' schedule, so I stuck around long enough to get a look on that super-slow crawl.  And my reflections on the schedule here are all selfish, but maybe you'll pick up on something you didn't know about the schedule...or the process of me writing about it.

The rumors are true...or at least no changes have been made to the initial reports - the Jets' first game in the new stadium is on the Monday night of Week 1.  What I forgot, though, is that the NFL does two Monday nighters that first week, and Jets-Ravens is the early game, starting at 7pm.  I don't know if that means I'll be going down to the game, but it at least means I can watch the whole game and not have my sleep wrecked for the first full week at school.

The problem for me, though, is if I don't go to the opener I don't know when I'd make it to a game at the new Meadowlands Stadium.  Week 2 is the Patriots at home, but that's my daughter's birthday - I don't know if I can be in New York that day - I think I pulled that on her birthday weekend this year for the Jets-Pats.  Week 3 is a Sunday nighter in Miami, then Week 4 is in Buffalo.  Week 5 is the next home game, but it's a Monday nighter (against the Vikings...and Brett Favre?)  I think that's Columbus Day, but I could swing a Sunday nighter that week - not a Monday night game.  The Jets don't come back home after that until Halloween...and I don't know if I want to be away from the family that day either.

The only game I can look at right now and think it would be reasonable to attend is another holiday - Thanksgiving.  That night the Jets host the Bengals.  By 8pm things should have wound down at the house - maybe we'll do Thanksgiving in New York, and Thanksgiving night at the new stadium.

Of course, I'm really hoping I'll be able to go to a couple of post-season games at the stadium.  For the rest of the Jets' schedule, succeeds where the NFL Network's coverage of the schedule release failed - each team's schedule site is spectacular.

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