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April 15, 2010 6:02 AM

Another Rough April

Iannetta_Walk_Off.JPGWas it really just a week ago that I was feeling like this Mets team might be different?

They were making the right plays, they were hustling...

Since then, they've dropped two out of three to Washington, and two straight in Colorado.  (The Rockies are proving themselves as Mets season-killers the past few years - sometimes it's a beating in July, now it's right off the bat in early April.)

The latest is another extra-innings loss after fighting back to tie a game - just like last week.  Chris Iannetta's walk-off homer was the difference last night.

There's still time for improvement...I'm just not seeing how it's going to happen.

John Maine's start in the road opener in Colorado was a complete disaster.

Jon Niese, the one hope of the "other four" starting pitchers, had a rough night last night, though give him credit for battling through a jam or two.

But these pitchers are giving no indication that they are going to help the Mets do well.

And I'm already sensing a "down" feeling from the ballclub.  A lack of excitement.

And that worries me.  Because I saw the same thing before the calendar turned to May last yearAnd in 2008.

It's times like this that I almost feel like rooting against the Mets, because for them to get better, there needs to be a complete change in leadership.  The makeup of the team is bad.  Blaming injuries can only take you so far.

The Mets lost their shortstop and all you heard about was how much they needed him to come back.  (They're winless since his return, incidentally.)

The same day the Phillies placed their shortstop on the disabled list, they scored 14 runs on the Washington Nationals.  In their three-game series this weekend (in which Jose Reyes played twice), the Mets managed just 13 runs total against those same Nationals.

It's going to be ugly when the Mets play the Phillies (interestingly, just as the calendar turns from April to May).  The Mets are not a good team.  Their pitching is terrible.

Their management is worse.

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