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April 14, 2010 6:30 AM

Down On The Farm

Buf_Bisons.JPGI was in Connecticut Thursday night, so I had SNY for the post-game show.  (The MLB package cuts the feed off as soon as the game ends, so this was the first post-game I saw all season.)

I'm not sure if they do this after every game now, or if it was just because that game happened to coincide with the opener of the Buffalo Bisons - the Mets' Triple-A affiliate.

But they had a graphic showing Ike Davis' stats at Triple-A.

And as Davis continues to perform well, while Mike Jacobs continues to struggle, there will be plenty more where that came from.

There are some interesting happenings going on in the Mets' minor league system.

Ike Davis had started the season with five straight games where he was on base at least twice - that streak was snapped with a 1-for-4 last night.  (In his first four games, Mike Jacobs had been on base three times total.)  Davis' stock will only increase the more Jacobs struggles, and it makes a good story to have a hot prospect behind a less-talented veteran, so there will only be more and more coverage the likes of which SNY began last week.  And like I'm doing here.

Interestingly, Fernando Martinez, the other hot prospect during spring training, has not continued to swing the hot bat like Davis.  Martinez is off to a sub .200 start at the plate, so logically it seems like the Mets made the right move keeping him at Triple-A...if he can't hit well in the minors, he wouldn't be doing well in the majors.

This won't be the last you'll be hearing of Davis, though.  This is an interesting year for the minor leagues - everyone will be following players like Stephen Strasburg and Aroldis Chapman until the Nationals and Reds call them up.  In their home opener tonight, Ike Davis and the Bisons will be hitting against the re-habbing Daisuke Matsuzaka of the Pawtucket Red Sox.  This is not the year to hide someone in the minors.

People will be noticing Ike Davis as long as he keeps producing.  And as long as first base continues to be a liability at the major league level for the Mets, people will be calling for a call-up.

A couple of interesting players to catch up on:

-It seems like Bradley Holt is starting the year at Double-A Binghamton, but he doesn't seem to have pitched yet this year.  I'm thin on information about Holt so far.

-Two players who the Mets had in the majors last year are at Double-A this year...but it's not as bad as it sounds.  Believe me - I had to check on it.  Nick Evans, who was exciting in his first call-up last year but fell flat quickly and yielded to Daniel Murphy, is playing first for the Binghamton Mets so he can play everyday.  Davis is blocking him at Triple-A.  Eddie Kunz, a reliever at Triple-A and with the Mets last year, is being re-branded as a starter, so he's getting starts at Double-A before being moved up.  For what it's worth, Evans is off to a hot start at the Double-A level...which is probably how it should be.  But maybe the fact that he's putting up great numbers while playing everyday makes him trade bait...for what, though, I don't know.  I'm afraid it's going to take a major overhaul to make this Mets team any good.

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