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April 25, 2010 7:58 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XVII)


Hard to believe we're coming up on two years since 'The Last Play At Shea', the final concert at Shea Stadium.

You may recall I was lucky enough to go to the second and final of those Billy Joel concerts...and I didn't think any other concert could match it.  It was that good.

My only complaint was that here we are two years later, and though there were plenty of cameras around that night, there hasn't been any kind of video release of the show.

Until now.

As first reported to me by my brother (Thanks, Matt!), without whom incidentally, I wouldn't have been able to go to that show, "The Last Play At Shea", a documentary, is premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival today.

The show is supposedly a history of the Mets, Shea Stadium, and Billy Joel, and I guess how all of those elements converged in July of 2008.

Not sure I'll get the chance to catch it in a theater, if it has a theater run, but it'll be something I will own when I get that chance.

I almost like the idea that it's a documentary, rather than a straight video of the concert, because Billy Joel darn near killed himself putting on a good show that hot, humid night in July - and I don't think that would look that great on video.

In documentary form, though, hopefully Billy Joel at his best that night will be all that is shown - he deserves it, based on the show he put on.

*The Mets are playing great baseball right now....or (hate to be skeptical) they've just happened to catch two teams that are playing very, very sloppy baseball.  Really, though the Mets' winning 5 of 6 is impressive, the Braves and Cubs have been brutal.  Baserunning and fielding mistakes - they've made the Mets look too good.  If the Mets continue to play this well, fine, I'll believe they were the better team.  If they dip below .500 again soon, we'll know it was just some bad play by those two teams that made the Mets look better than they are.

*Credit where it's due - Francisco Rodriguez has really stepped up - a five-out save Thursday night, the save Friday night, then again on Saturday afternoon.  And there was a little hiccup on Friday, but more often in those three appearances it was not the heart-stopping variety.  Let's hope there's no turning back for him now.

*Weird string of Sunday night ESPN games the past couple of weeks.  Three weeks ago it was Cardinals-Brewers, followed by Cardinals-Mets, then it's Mets-Braves this week.  Next week - it's Mets-Phillies.  Then, it's Yankees-Red Sox.  Then, Phillies again, against the Brewers.  Followed by Yankees-Mets.  Not much variety here.

*One last Sunday Night Baseball note - Mike Pelfrey goes again tonight.  He has become very fun to watch.  And last week, I drew comparisons between Pelfrey's career year in 2008 and what he's doing this year - another similarity is that when he was very hot that year he had a great outing on ESPN on a Sunday night.  Hopefully that happens again tonight.

*Interesting, and funny to me, that on the first day and a half of Ike Davis' call-up Yahoo! had cover articles weighing whether or not you should draft him.  The verdict was that in NL-Only leagues you should pick him up immediately.  The problem?  Yahoo! didn't have Davis listed as an available player yet.

*Thoughts on the NFL Draft:
-CJ Spiller will take on the mantle of Jets-killing Bills running back.  I will now have nightmares about him twice a year for about a decade.
-Really, I hate to say it, but the Jets won't miss Leon Washington terribly.  They drafted Joe McKnight, who is essentially the same player (though I acknowledge we just don't know how he'll be in the pros).  Washington will probably end up in the exact same role in Seattle as he played with the Jets.  He probably still thinks he should be a number one-type back...but he's not.
-Did people like the 3-day draft event?  I saw some of the first round, then Friday night I was at the Mets game, and I saw nothing on Saturday.  I'd be interested in your thoughts in the comments - I think I would have watched more of the draft in the old format.

*Been wanting to talk about this for a while...not sure if it translates into the blogged word very well.  Here goes.  McDonald's airs this commercial for their 'authentic New England coffee' here in the Northeast.  It's a radio spot.  It features people talking about getting each other coffee, but they won't hand it over until the recipient proves they're an authentic New Englander.  Now maybe it's because I'm not an authentic New Englander, but one of their little Q & A's makes no sense to me.  In the midst of identifying boat horns and stuff about Vermont, of which I have no clue, they throw in a baseball question.  The person who has the coffee asks, "Ball slowly rolls past....?"  And the would-be coffee recipient answers, "First base!"  Now, maybe I'm wrong, but this is a Buckner reference, right?  I suppose authentic New Englanders would be able to easily identify the Buckner play...but the Red Sox' history has improved a bit since 1986.  Why not something about the bloody sock or Dave Roberts or something?  It doesn't bother me - I smile a bit each time I hear the commercial - but it seems to me like a different piece of Boston baseball history could have been featured.  Whew.  Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

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