200 Miles From the Citi

April 22, 2010 6:45 AM

What To Expect?


Friday night I make my first trip this season to Citi Field.

As you probably know, I'm excited to see with my own eyes the improvements to the park, especially the Mets Hall of Fame and Museum.

At least with the sights at the park, I know what I'm getting - whatever was there on Opening Day will be the exact same on Friday.

I can't say the same for the on-field product.

Will I see the team that looked dominant and inspired in the first two games against the Cubs this week?  Or the team that hadn't won back-to-back games in its first 13 games?

We're seeing John Maine, which is a crapshoot in and of itself - but will we see the type of pitching that has kept the Mets in most of their games in this first month?  Or a John Maine implosion?

Will the bullpen turn in a decent performance if needed?  Or will they cost the Mets a chance at a win, like they did Wednesday night in Oliver Perez's start?

Will Francisco Rodriguez still be stuck on 0 saves Friday night?

There are still a lot of questions for this Mets team to answer.  Are they getting hot?  Are they the team that has won two out of three heading into Thursday's series finale with the Cubs?  Or are they the team that has only won 6 of 15 games overall?

It depends on your perspective right now.  The other disconcerting thing about Friday night's game will be the attendance - right now no one is going to see the Mets - Citi Field had never had a smaller crowd before Wednesday night's game.  (Setting a new low from a low that had been set in week one of the season.)  That means most people are looking at the Mets as a team that has won just 6 of 15.

Right now the perception is that the Mets are a bad team.  David Wright is getting booed.  So is Jason Bay.

They're doing nothing to change those perceptions.

I'll weigh in with my views on Monday.

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