200 Miles From the Citi

April 30, 2010 6:35 AM

Wrapping Up Citi Field Week


With the Mets' first series with the Phillies beginning tonight, it's time to shift the focus of the blog back to baseball

But not before we wrap up our week-long look at my first visit of 2010 to Citi Field.

There are a couple of loose ends I want to tie up.

First of all, I keep mentioning the fact that the Mets changed the look of the left field wall - it now features the championship banners, which were hidden back in that bullpen area most of last year.  This change was actually made towards the end of last season, but now I have the visual proof to show you.  The retired numbers were scooted a bit towards the foul line (much like they were at Shea Stadium, incidentally), and the championship banners are now out for everyone to see.  (Actually, I shouldn't call them 'banners', since these are really just plastic wall paste-ons or something.  There are actual flags flying on poles above the Pepsi Porch in right field.)

Speaking of the Pepsi Porch, there are certain areas I have yet to explore at the new park, contributing to my desire to get back to Citi Field often.  The Pepsi Porch is one of these areas.  To be honest, though, I don't know if it's something I'll be doing soon.  I guess there's a cool element to sitting in the front row of the right field porch there, but if you're sitting any further back in right field, I'm sure there's a very obstructed view in right field.  And I've done my share of sitting way out in right field at Fenway's not like I haven't had a chance to see a game from out there.  I'll make another comparison with Fenway - watching a game from up there might be like watching a Red Sox game from on top of the Green Monster - might be neat just to say that you did it, but the novelty wears off kind of quickly.  (Now that I think about it, though, I had one really good experience atop the Green Monster and one rainy and raw experience up there.  I would do it again.)
One place for sure that I would like to check out is the "Mo's Zone" (above), which is a restaurant/bar-type place in right field, at field level.  I think that would be a cool vantage point.  Unfortunately, I have no idea how you get in there, if it's a game ticket-type admission, or if you even stay there for the full game.  There's a new bar up here at Fenway, called the Bleacher Bar, which I checked out for the first time last summer - it's located behind center field at Fenway.  You can see the game through a window, and it's really cool - I was there a day there was minor league baseball at Fenway.  Just makes me believe even more this Mo's Zone would be really cool.

Eventually I'll find out about all of these little nooks and crannies of the new park - and I'll certainly write about them.  It's one of the great things about the Mets finally having a new ballpark - plenty to keep going back to explore.

My next trip to New York is in early June.  The Mets will be at Citi Field.  I hope I'll be getting there too.

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