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May 1, 2010 12:15 AM

Fly On The Wall


April is in the books, and the Mets are in first place.

They beat the Phillies Friday night to extend their lead over Philadelphia to a game-and-a-half...the division lead is a game over the Washington Nationals.

The Mets have now won eight in a row, and since Ike Davis was called up, the Mets are 10-1.  (They're also 7-0 since Jose Reyes was moved to the 3-spot in the batting order.)

That stat about Davis, though, got me thinking - he must think the major leagues are a piece of cake.

The following scene takes place in the Mets clubhouse before Saturday afternoon's game against the Phillies in Philadelphia.  Ike Davis and David Wright are talking as they lounge in front of their lockers.

Ike Davis:  So I thought you said things were kind of rough around here.  Seems pretty smooth to me.

David Wright:  It's really amazing, Ike.  We haven't had a run like this in a few years.  2006 was a good year...until the NLCS.  2007 and 2008 were heart-breakers, but there were good moments.  Last year was a disaster.  Right now feels a lot like 2006.

Davis:  Why?  What's different now?

Wright:  Well, no offense, but it can't just be you.  I mean, there was kind of a new sense of hope when they brought you up, like it was the team we were supposed to be putting on the field, but it's more than just that.  Everything just seems to be breaking our way right now.  Baseball is kind of fun again.  And last night's win against the Phillies - to beat them the first time we see them - that's going to be huge for us as far as team confidence.

Davis:  That reminds me - why is this series such a big deal?  Shouldn't we be worried about the Nationals right now?

Wright:  That situation is kind of weird.  It seems like the Braves, Marlins, and Phillies are all playing worse than they should be right now...Thinking about the Nationals being in second place right now is kind of like....well, us being in first place.

Davis:  Somebody must have known something about the Mets, though - we're on national television again this weekend.  That's like three weeks in a row, huh?

Wright:  Well, we weren't on Fox last weekend, but the Saturday before you were called up we had that 20-inning game against St. Louis on national television.  Then, yeah, we had a run of ESPN games, including this weekend, and we're on Fox again today.  Kind of weird that they're showing us so much - I mean, they can't have expected we'd be this good.

Mike Pelfrey walks by.

Davis: So that guy's a stud, huh?

Wright:  Not really, but people have been expecting good things from him for a while.  Maybe he's finally fulfilling his potential.  Today should be pretty telling - we'll see how he matches up with Roy Halladay.  Funny thing about all our pitchers is that they were not supposed to be any good - but they're really our strength right now.

Davis:  You hit your fourth homer last night.  It's just been 23 games...I didn't realize you hit for that kind of power.  Didn't you just have 10 all of last year?

Wright:  Listen rook, if you want to have these types of conversations with me, you never mention my power numbers from last year again, got it?  Actually, let's never mention anything about the 2009 season.

Davis:  Got it.  Sorry.  Do you think my time here is limited?  What do you think will happen when Daniel Murphy is back healthy?

Wright:  Daniel who?  Hah.  Why don't you ask him?  (Nods at Omar Minaya, who's walking by.)

Minaya:  David, my boy!  Hello there, Mike!

Davis (calling after Minaya):  It's Ike, no "m"...(to Wright:) He's a little weird.  That's the GM?

Wright:  Yeah, he's in a good mood lately, just like Jerry Manuel.  It's almost like this month of April guaranteed that they'll both keep their jobs through the end of the season.  It wasn't looking so good after the first couple of weeks, but they're riding the wave of our success.  Probably no change in leadership this year - might be just about the only drawback to the success we've been having.

Davis:  They don't seem so bad.  They seem to really like me.

Wright:  Well, you have been a big part of this turnaround.  You helped keep the team afloat until I started hitting.  Keep it up.  All right.  Let's get out there and win another one today.

Davis:  I wouldn't even know what to do if we lost.

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