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May 9, 2010 12:05 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XIX)


At the risk of getting too personal, I'm dedicating this Sunday Paper to my wife.

It's Mother's Day, and yesterday was my wedding anniversary, so there's no more appropriate day to do this...although I guess I should do something in addition to dedicating a blog entry to her.  I'll figure that one out on my own.

I'm hoping I can do this not to rub in how lucky I am, but because maybe you're also lucky enough to have someone this special - someone who doesn't resist the sports in your life (since this is a sports blog, I'll keep this relative to sports)...but actually embraces them.

I guess you could call this a quick love story - I hope it doesn't sound too much like I'm bragging - but my wife is the best.

Six years ago yesterday, I got married.

Six years ago today we left on our honeymoon.  We were spending a week in Hawaii...after three days in Arizona.  Why Arizona?

Because my wife coordinated our honeymoon to catch the Mets while they were playing the Diamondbacks.

I should stop here to point out that she's a Red Sox fan...and not the biggest baseball fan in the world to begin with.

But right from when we met she recognized my passion about visiting ballparks (and the fact that I wasn't doing much about it).  She started planning trips - not that I'm incapable of it...I just didn't know where to start.  She took that bull by the horns.  (She enjoys the trips, but more for the cities we visit, I think.  I know it's not for the company - I tend to get a bit obsessive and over-excited in the early hours visiting a new ballpark.)

So it was that on May 10, 2004, two days after my wedding in Massachusetts, I was in Arizona attending a Mets game.  (While we were in Hawaii, incidentally, Randy Johnson threw his perfect game for these same Diamondbacks.  It was a night game, which in Hawaii was mid-afternoon.  I love that time difference.)  

And so it is that my baseball obsessiveness hasn't hurt my marriage.  In some ways, it has helped.

I certainly recognize how lucky in love I am on all fronts.  But I think, when it comes to sports, I'm especially lucky.

*I was talking to my brother-in-law about Rod Barajas the other day (I'll be writing about him soon - I really like him - Barajas, that is - though my brother-in-law is a likeable guy as well), and he woke me up to the fact that we have to give Omar Minaya some credit.  This was before Barajas's game-winning home run on Friday.  And then Henry Blanco's on Saturday.  And another good outing on Saturday from Hisanori Takahashi.  I hate to admit it, but....*gulp*....Minaya's made some good additions to this team.

*So is David Wright growing a beard?  What's the story there?  I'm sure they've addressed it on SNY, but I've had a lot of the out-of-town broadcasts lately, so I haven't heard much about it.  Looks like he's not going stubble...looks like he's full-out growing a beard.  Not that I spend much time looking at David Wright's face.  I'm just wondering, is all.  Anyway, moving on...

*Though it was well-intentioned, I have a suspicion the result of the moment of silence for Ernie Harwell and Robin Roberts during the Red Sox-Yankees game on Fox Saturday will be people saying how much they enjoyed watching the Fox game without listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver for that brief time.  And it was very weird that the end of that game was moved to FX, without so much as a crawl during the Seinfeld re-run in the Boston market leading into the NASCAR race.  That NASCAR contract must be powerful, to move Red Sox-Yankees to basic cable.

*For my thoughts on Ernie Harwell, I take you back to what I wrote after watching his great interview with Bob Costas back around Christmastime.

*Are you reading Justin's Sports Illustrated reviews at Sports Crackle Pop! on your own yet, or are you still waiting for me to link to them each week?  This week's is another good one, and I have a good feeling about next week's....I'm going to step in for Justin as he Best Mans (yep, I verbed it) at a friend's wedding.  I can't wait - that'll probably come on Friday.

*My brother's doing some fill-in guitar for a band called The Hotcakes, who apparently have a song called "Paint The Town Red", which the Cincinnati Reds have been using as sort of a theme song.  I think that's cool.  He writes about them here.  You can see them performing together next weekend at the Montauk Music Festival.

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