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May 30, 2010 7:15 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XXII)


I love that a Super Bowl is coming to New York.

Scratch that - I don't even care that it's coming to New York.

I just love that it's going to be played in the cold weather.

I want everyone who thinks that the biggest game in football should be played in a controlled environment to take a step back and realize - it's football.

I know it would be unfortunate if the elements interfered with the game, but I've seen rainy Super Bowls - this is no different.

It's fun to think, though, about the different possibilities a New York Super Bowl can bring.

The obvious connection, of course, is the possibility of the Jets-Giants Super Bowl.  This is unrealistic, though, as far as the Jets are concerned.  You need to understand where I'm coming from heading into this 2010 season with the Jets as *gulp* Super Bowl favorites.  I'm not used to them being successful.  So in my mind, no matter how well they do this year, they'll never sustain that success.  My thought is with all the questionable characters they've signed, they have a one-year window of opportunity, and this is it.  After that, I'm sure they've set the franchise back a decade.  So the Jets-Giants Super Bowl at the Meadowlands is a long shot in my mind.

Another scenario I think about is that 2014 will be the Super Bowl that pits two warm weather teams in an icy Super Bowl setting - like Buccaneers-Dolphins.  Especially since the Bucs could have been the host city instead.  I guess Buccaneers-Chargers would be another funny matchup.  Or Cardinals-Texans.

My other thought regarding an ironic 2014 Super Bowl is that it would be the year that a team that has never had Super Bowl success (or even made a Super Bowl) makes it, only to run into two opponents - the other conference champ and the cold weather.  Take the Lions, for instance.  They haven't even sniffed a Super Bowl, but in five years or so could have built themselves a nice little championship contender.  But they play in a dome, so their home field advantage throughout the playoffs gets them a ticket to a cold New York City Super Bowl.  Same with the 0-for-the-Super Bowl Minnesota Vikings.  Not that they're strangers to the cold weather, just that their team is built to do well in a dome.  The huge irony here is that both are cold-weather cities, but they are dome teams.

Of course, if one of those teams makes it, their opponent could be a team that thrives in that weather...maybe a similar snake-bitten team.  Maybe even the only team that actually plays in New York, in the "New York" Super Bowl.

Wouldn't it be something if all the Buffalo Bills ever needed to win the Super Bowl was a little cold weather?

*The Seahawks released LenDale White, and he reportedly has a 4-game suspension from the NFL coming his way.  Unceremonious parting from a team?  Suspension on the way?  Sounds like he'd be a perfect fit on the 2010 Jets.

*Too bad the Mets had to draw Yovanni Gallardo Friday night in Milwaukee - they should have won that game, with the way Johan Santana pitched.  The Brewes are so bad any other starter would have gotten Santana a win.

*Meanwhile, the story, after Ryoto Igarashi served up the game-winning homer in the 9th inning of Friday night's game, in relief of Santana, is that Jerry Manuel never consulted Santana before pulling him from the game.  Santana had said he didn't want to come out, but it was the manager's decision.  Manuel says Santana's exuberance after getting the final out of the eighth inning showed Manuel Santana had used his last burst of energy.  I know Santana faded fast in his last start - the Yankees game - but this is another instance of a definite pattern - Jerry Manuel is not a very good communicator.

*Pretty cool that Roy Halladay threw a perfect game Saturday night.  He deserved it.  I always feel a personal connection to him because I owned him in fantasy baseball when the Blue Jays first called him up, and he threw like a one-hitter or something.  I had him straight through the time he was sent back to Single-A.  And then it was tough because everyone knew about him after that.  So, really, he couldn't have done what he did Saturday night if it weren't for me.  (Please understand I'm kidding.  And I hope my fantasy baseball references aren't huge turnoffs.)

*Hate to sound sour grapesy here, but I'm going to rain on the Phillies' parade - let's not overlook the fact that they're not out of the woods with their offensive struggles - they still only managed one run in the Saturday night perfect game win.

*I just can't get into the Stanley Cup Finals - but a 6-5 Game 1 could be a sign that it might be an entertaining series.

*In case you haven't noticed this yet, there's a new Real Clear Sports "City Series", where you can click a city and get relevant articles/blogs from that city and its teams.  Seems pretty cool.

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