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May 12, 2010 5:49 AM

The Biggest Losers


I'm well-connected.

Tuesday morning on Facebook I got a message from the Jets about a "Biggest Loser"-type competition amongst the Jets between Rex Ryan, Kris Jenkins, and Damien Woody.

Later in the day, Nick Mangold tweeted (I'm poking back around on Twitter...still not sure I 100% get it, but at least it will let me keep up with Nick Mangold's antics) that he was glad he wasn't involved.

But it got me thinking that there were a lot of stories going around about people who could fall into the "Loser" category.  (I think Rex was trying to make the "L" sign with his finger in that picture and got confused.)

1)  The MLB schedule-makers

Because of the G20 Summit meeting in Toronto in June, the series there between the Phillies and Blue Jays will be moved for security reasons.  The solution baseball decided on is to have the series played in Philadelphia, with Toronto the home team.

Yeah, that seems fair.

Seems to me this is something that should have been figured out a little sooner than a month before it happens.  Especially a high-profile series like this one - it was to be Roy Halladay's return to Toronto.  

MLB Tonight on the MLB Network Tuesday evening had a fair-seeming solution - move the series to Buffalo.  Of course, that would be less gate, as opposed to what will probably be full capacity in Philadelphia.

Full of rabid Phillies fans.  Home game for Toronto, indeed.

Wonder where the Mets can pick up three extra home games.

2)  Ken Griffey, Jr. and other select Mariners veterans

I don't doubt that Ken Griffey, Jr. was available to pinch-hit Saturday night had his number been called.  But I also don't doubt that he was napping in the clubhouse during the game.  He probably had something worked out where if he was needed someone would go get him and no one would ever know he was asleep.

But then two unnamed young players told the truth.  (I'm speculating, sure, but I'm also reading between the lines of what Griffey said when asked about the situation.  If it didn't happen, he should just say so.)

In other words, players who are making millions of dollars shouldn't have to sit and pay attention to what is going on in the game they are playing...but it's not our business to know what they're doing instead.  Classy.

3)  Keith Hernandez

I think I'm in the minority on Keith Hernandez.  I think most people find his quirkiness as a broadcaster as just that - quirky.  And they think he's charming and unique and like him.  I think that's how I used to feel as many as five, six, seven (more already?) years ago, when he first started broadcasting Mets games.

But it's worn off now.  Now I look at Keith Hernandez and see someone who comes to games unprepared and doesn't listen to the other guys in the booth.  He works a part-time schedule, and clearly doesn't watch the Mets regularly when he's not in the booth.

Maybe you think it's cute.  I think it's unacceptable.  I'm not even sure what the story is here other than he put his head down waiting for extra innings to begin during Saturday afternoon's game.  I don't think SNY has addressed it - if they did it happened - ironically - while I was sleeping through the early part of Oliver Perez's start on Sunday.  (Perhaps if he had slept through Sunday's game I would be less upset.)  I can't tell if Gary Cohen is thinking, "This is funny," in this clip, or if it's, "Enough of this guy already.  Let him sleep and I'll just continue solo."

Final word - what would happen if you were sleeping at your desk at your job?  I know I couldn't get away with it.

4)  Tom Glavine

All bad start doesn't take away a Hall of Fame career.  But when it comes down to it, I only care about that one start.  And with the news that the Atlanta Braves are retiring Glavine's number 47 on August 6th against the San Francisco Giants, to me all that means is that when I look at the outfield wall at Turner Field in Atlanta I will forever be reminded of September 30, 2007.  Thanks for that, Tom Glavine.

*****Really good win by the Mets Tuesday night.  I wrote this thinking the game would just be a run-of-the-mill loss to the Nationals, not the Mets' biggest comeback win of the year.  Let's hope it spurs more good times.

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