200 Miles From the Citi

May 18, 2010 6:10 AM

The Further Adventures of Captain Strikeout


I play in a fantasy league with some different stats.

One of the offensive categories is it's a negative category, obviously.  The more strikeouts you rack up, the less points you receive.

I tell you this because David Wright is on my team...but in the recent past he was on the team of a friend of mine - the Southern Bureau of '200 Miles From the Citi'.

And Wright struck out more than the Southern Bureau would have liked - so he dubbed Wright "Captain Strikeout".

Well...we might as well promote him to 'Major'.

Wright has 52 strikeouts in 39 games.  That's a 200+ strikeout rate over the season - for point of reference, Mark Reynolds set a record with 223 strikeouts last season (shattering his record of 204 set the year before - before that no Major Leaguer had struck out 200 times in a season).

Wright is in the midst of a 14-game streak where he has struck out at least once a game.

There have been theories - the Southern Bureau brought my attention last week to an article by Buster Olney that says teams have figured out that Wright is a little tentative when he's busted inside, after the beaning last year.

Whatever it is, it's in his head now, because Wright looks downright uncomfortable at times at the plate.

And it just seems like for every positive with this team (a win to get back to one game of .500) there's always a lingering negative (Wright's strikeouts...though his 0-for-4 Monday night featured only one strikeout, which is unfortunately a positive for him these days).

And so another Wright Watch is on - we've counted his minor league stats at Triple-A, we've counted his doubles - let's hope we won't have to count his strikeouts for very much longer.

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