200 Miles From the Citi

June 16, 2010 7:15 AM

5 In The 5th For 5th In A Row


Got 'em with the ol' 2-run infield single.

I know the Indians aren't a whole lot better than the Baltimore Orioles, but a win on the road for these Mets is still a win on the road.

And, like in Baltimore, it was the way things happened in Cleveland that left you feeling good about the Mets' prospects.

Things are really breaking their way.

1)  The Mets won in spite of - not because of - Johan Santana:  This was a less than overwhelming performance by Johan.  He was hittable...and the Indians smacked him around pretty good.  Even the outs were hit pretty hard...he only recorded one strikeout.

But Santana managed to limit the Indians to four runs, allowing the Mets to get back into the lead, and eventually win the game.

2)  The fifth inning was the type of inning you love as a Mets fan, hate as an Indians fan:  After Justin Masterson had gotten ground ball after ground ball, frustrating the Mets through the first four innings, Jeff Francoeur lined a hard single to left field.  Alex Cora followed with a bunt, and reached first when the second baseman was late covering first.  Jose Reyes followed with a bunt, he beat the throw to first, and everyone advanced as the ball was thrown away.

Reyes continued to chug around the bases after an Angel Pagan groundout - David Wright hit a grounder into the hole at shortstop....he beat the throw to first, and Reyes came all the way around to score to make it a 2-run infield single for Wright.  That tied the game, and Ike Davis gave the Mets a 2-run lead with a 2-run homer to finish off the inning.

When things are going bad for the Mets, they're the team looking like bumbling little leaguers on bunt base hits.  It's really nice when their opponents are handing them games.

3)  Once the Mets took the lead, they didn't give it back:  Johan Santana clearly labored through this game, but he made it through seven innings, throwing 103 pitches.  It was the type of game in which you feared Francisco Rodriguez would blow a save, but he only gave back two of the three-run lead, and the Mets held on for the 7-6 win.

Final tally - 5 wins in a row.  36-28 record overall.  Four straight road wins, upping the road record to 12-18.  (If that road record gets to .500, watch out for this Mets team.)  Most importantly - the Mets are just a half-game behind the Atlanta Braves for first place in the division - they're one back in the win column.

We just might have a fun summer ahead of us.

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