200 Miles From the Citi

June 1, 2010 5:45 AM

Gone West


After a weekend series in Milwaukee the Mets round out their road trip with three games in....San Diego?

What a weird road trip - and pretty stupid, to be honest.

I can't remember a time when the Mets have had such a quirk in the schedule.

It doesn't make a difference to me, because as long as it's not summer, I'm not watching the 10pm start.

Heck, even in the summer I might not be able to make it until the 10pm start.

Which gets me to wondering.....(can you tell yet I didn't stay up to watch the Mets Monday night?)

There was a time when I would check the schedule during the off-season and put my mind at ease that the Mets' west coast games were in the summer, when I could easily stay up for them.

This was always so much fun - we'd usually sleep in the living room anyway in the summer so we could sleep near the air conditioner.  We'd lay out a big blanket, and my brother and I would play some sort of baseball game with our stuffed animals and then I'd stay up super late to watch the Mets.

Then, in high school, it was sort of a 'stay up for the game just to prove I could stay up for the game', and it didn't matter if it was summer or not.  If my dad tried to stay awake with me the night would inevitably end with me trying to wake him up to send him to bed.  I couldn't believe he wasn't interested enough to stay awake.

Now I know it wasn't a lack of interest.

Now, I kind of hope the games aren't in the summer, because I'm going to fall asleep during them regardless.

The funny thing about this year, though, is that the Mets' west coast swing (not counting this cross-country trip...which is more of a red-eye) in July happens exactly when I'm going to Seattle.  So where I would have been able to watch the Mets at 4 in the afternoon, I instead get them at 7pm.  (Still better than 10pm.)

Whenever I go west, it reminds me how sweet it would be to be a sports fan out there.  I've done it a few times - Hawaii, in 2004, was ridiculous.  I mentioned how I saw Randy Johnson's perfect game out there - that was a 7pm game which I watched at 1, and it was over by 4, so I didn't waste all of a beautiful day inside watching baseball.  I also remember watching a Twins-Blue Jays day game - 1pm Eastern time start, 7am Hawaii time.  Rolled out of bed, watched the game over breakfast, whole day ahead of me...that I could get used to.

Anyway, in 2006 we visited San Francisco (and LA and San Diego), and before our evening activities we caught the Mets-Braves, with Pedro pitching, at a bar. That was pretty cool, too.  But not as cool as Hawaii - all the sports done by 4 or 5pm, and the day is still young.

But alas, I'm in the Eastern Time Zone.  Yes, we benefit from certain East Coast Biases...but there are certain aspects of the sports world where a West Coast view of things wouldn't be so bad.

All of which is to say...I didn't make it more than an inning Monday night.  (But I did just catch a final score - 18-6?!?  Yipes.)

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