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June 22, 2010 6:05 AM

Roster Moves


I guess I should give some credit where it's due - Jerry Manuel made a possible season-saving move back in spring training.

He also hasn't done such a bad job of managing the Mets recently...but I don't want to heap too much praise on him at once here.

Let's stick with the season-saving move - which this weekend was brought to my mind by a roster move the Mets made.

The roster move involves Jenrry Mejia - he was moved to Double A Binghamton following Sunday's game so that he can stretch his arm out a bit to transition back into a starter.

(This is funny - he requested Binghamton instead of Buffalo, and his request was granted.  He thinks Buffalo is "too cold".  I'm no weather expert, but is Binghamton much better?  Besides the fact that it's summer.  I prefer the theory that Binghamton is a better fit because Mejia has a good relationship with their pitching coach.)

This is not really a demotion - this is an opportunity for transition - but it's not the move down to the minors that I want to talk about today.

During spring training, when it looked like the Mets' bullpen was fast heading towards disaster, Jerry Manuel saw Jenrry Mejia and said he wanted the youngster on his team, even if it meant departing from the team plan and using Mejia out of the bullpen.  He got his wish.

Mejia never blossomed into the 8th inning setup man to Francisco Rodriguez that Manuel envisioned, but he was a pretty solid contributor to the bullpen for a team that needed some arms.  And now he's going back to the minors so that he can go back to being a starter (though a return to the bullpen in a September call-up type situation isn't totally ruled out).  It was a gamble by Manuel, and it paid off - the Mets had a better bullpen because of the decision, and Mejia has faced some major league talent and has that experience under his belt.  Everyone benefits.  

Because Jerry Manuel made the right call.

*Jenrry Mejia made the bullpen better the first couple of months of the season, and he could be an important part of the rotation looking towards the future.  The other end of that spectrum - killing the Mets in the rotation and/or the bullpen, is Oliver Perez.  He, you will be relieved to know I'm sure, had a "good outing" in a simulated game Friday, and is eligible to come of the disabled list.  Of course, he hasn't yet.  I really don't know how the Mets are getting away with this.

*One final roster move of note - Brad Holt's struggles continue in the minors.  He was demoted to Single-A St. Lucie over the weekend, capping what was a really rough go (10+ ERA) at Binghamton.  Here's hoping he gets his struggles figured out.  And now I'm going to have to take a look at St. Lucie's schedule to see when they visit New England...or figure out if it's worth trying to see him at all.

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