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June 6, 2010 8:15 AM

Sunday Paper (Year 2, Volume XXIII)


It would be fitting if the day I decided to admit that I'm buying into the San Diego Padres that they finally begin coming back down to earth.

After Saturday night's loss to the Phillies (where the Padres couldn't get to Jamie Moyer), the Padres have lost two in a row to Philadelphia.

That comes after an impressive showing by San Diego against the Mets...which I have to say, is more of a credit to the Padres than a strike against the Mets.

There's nothing really spectacular about San Diego, except the fact that they don't ever give in.  They're a pretty average team, but they're gritty.

Wednesday's game against the Mets is an example.  They scrapped out a tie against Francisco Rodriguez in the 9th, then won the game on Adrian Gonzalez's grand slam in extra innings.  I always like to blame Rodriguez for blown saves, but the Padres really earned the comeback.

For the Mets, the grand slam was certainly a disappointing way to end a 3-game series on the west coast (ending their 6 games in Milwaukee and San Diego 2-4).  But they bounced back by taking the first two against Florida, the team that embarrassed them just three short weeks ago in Florida.

Hmm...redemption after a disappointing road series?  Coming to Citi Field Tuesday through Thursday: the San Diego Padres.

*This Oliver Perez situation with the Mets is embarrassing.  (I know I said I wouldn't write about him anymore...but it's more of a Mets' situation than about him that I'm writing.)  The fact that management said they weren't going to release him, but he wouldn't accept a minor league assignment, and now he gets 'tendinitis' and is placed on the just embarrasses and bothers me.  Why couldn't whatever was worked out now be worked out two weeks ago when he was removed from the rotation?  Now it makes it look like there was backroom dealing to work it all out...and I hate that Perez kind of got what he wanted out of the deal.  Whether or not he really has a knee injury.

*Other big roster moves you need to know about: The Mets designated Gary Matthews, Jr. for assignment, Luis Castillo was placed on the DL, and Jon Niese was activated for Saturday's start and pitched very well.  Bad injury news out of Buffalo, as Daniel Murphy tore his MCL and will miss the rest of the season.

*If you watch a lot of baseball on a lot of different stations, like me, you've seen a lot of different trivia formats over the years.  Somehow, this year, most of the regional networks are pretty uniform with this AT&T Trivia Question.  I have trouble gearing my mind up for these questions - part of it, I think, is that I'm not sure I've figured out the rhyme or reason for the questions - when is the question asked, when do they give the answer...We're two months into the season, and I'm having trouble settling in.

Also, and this is a timeless problem - I'm very anti- having the broadcasters answer the questions.  Isn't it supposed to be a draw to get me to watch?  Or enhance my viewing experience?  How does the broadcaster showing off what they know (assuming they actually have a legitimate guess) make it entertaining for me?  Since trivia questions started on TV, it's evolved from the announcer just reading the question, then the answer, to taking guesses without actually saying their answer, to giving hints, to flat-out no regard for the audience trying to answer the question.  I don't like it. 

*Another baseball/media note - Do you know the Budweiser commercials with the good music in the background?  Heavy-seeming bass?  There's one with the different ways to carry the beer, another one (with terrible acting, incidentally - the people in the commercial are supposed to look like they're having a good time out at the bar and I've never really seen a group of people less comfortable around one another) where guys like to make fun of each other, but they get serious about the beer...but anyway, I luckily said in front of my brother that I liked the music and he told me it's by a guy named M. Ward.  He has a bunch of solo stuff out, and now is part of the band "She and Him", with Zooey Deschanel, but just thought that was worth mentioning.  Also - if you're interested in more music-type ramblings, my brother writes an entertaining blog at

*One Twitter update - Braylon Edwards keeps touting a charity basketball game that he's organizing, and I think other players like Mark Sanchez are participating.  Two things.  First of all, I have a fear that a charity basketball game could result in someone getting hurt.  So I'm a bit worried about that, and I also wonder how their contracts allow something like this.  Secondly, I have a friend who went to Michigan and as a result follows all of the Michigan guys very closely.  He says that though Edwards is kind of a dope with his actions on and off the field, he's very generous and charitable.  So that's good to hear about a Jet.

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